Researchers are on the path to personalizing radiotherapy

Researchers at Laval University are tracking molecular signatures that could one day make it possible to personalize the radiation dose administered to a cancer patient. Radiotherapy currently adopts a one size fits alla single solution that is not necessarily the most effective, explained professor Venkata Manem, affiliated with the Laval University Faculty of Medicine and … Read more

the complete adventures in one luxurious box

For those who dream of colorful adventures, Le Figaro offers a deluxe edition of the 24 short stories that narrate the intrepid reporter’s wanderings with the dust powder created by Hergé in 1929. Is it still useful to present the powder sponge as a gift to the famous reporter? Born in January 1929 in The … Read more

Five good reasons to take night trains

Several new night train lines opened in 2021. This trip saves you a night in a hotel. For families, this option is more economical than the train or plane during the day. In the past, the French traveled a lot on night trains. After experiencing strong development and its peak between the 1930s and 1970s … Read more