Researchers are on the path to personalizing radiotherapy

Researchers at Laval University are tracking molecular signatures that could one day make it possible to personalize the radiation dose administered to a cancer patient. Radiotherapy currently adopts a one size fits alla single solution that is not necessarily the most effective, explained professor Venkata Manem, affiliated with the Laval University Faculty of Medicine and … Read more

Five good reasons to take night trains

Several new night train lines opened in 2021. This trip saves you a night in a hotel. For families, this option is more economical than the train or plane during the day. In the past, the French traveled a lot on night trains. After experiencing strong development and its peak between the 1930s and 1970s … Read more

Research: What are the new travel trends in 2024?

November 10, 2023 Traveling with loved ones: a growing trend ©JenkoAtaman – What are the top emerging trends for travel in 2024? To find out, the Expedia Group – which brings together the websites Expedia, Abritel and – analyzed its internal data and the results of a study carried out with thousands of … Read more