Albania is an excellent cheap alternative to Italy and Greece

Albania / By Andrew Mayovskyy / Adobe Stock VVA – Visas and Travel. Talking about vacation in Europe, with turquoise waters, pristine beaches, delicious food and wonderful weather, we often think of countries like Italy or Greece. However, these destinations are often crowded and very expensive. Fortunately, there is still an excellent alternative, cheaper and … Read more

here are 4 cheap destinations to visit in 2024

Serbia, a historical, cultural and dynamic destination. Image by: marinadatsenko | | for VVA – Travel Visas for Algeria VVA – Visas and Travel. While some travelers dream of beaches and relaxation, others prefer the hustle and bustle of cities. Despite the varied selection criteria, they all have one thing in common: a memorable … Read more

Graphic Packaging presents its growth and sustainable development strategy By

Alerte résultats : Graphic Packaging présente sa stratégie de croissance et de développement durable

©Reuters. Graphic Packaging Holding Company (GPK), a leading provider of packaging solutions, recently discussed its strategic vision and financial performance during an earnings alert. The company is transforming from a cardboard packaging company into a global leader in consumer product packaging, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and inclusivity. Graphic Packaging highlighted its confidence in … Read more

beautiful and without crowds of tourists, Sarajevo is one of the cheapest destinations in 2024

The city of Sarajevo, Bosnia. (Photo by Leonid Andronov / Adobe Stock) VVA – Visas and Travel. Do you love trips that offer scenic beauty and unparalleled cultural immersion? If so, you will be delighted to know that one of more accessible destinations and captivating events this year is located in the heart of Bosnia … Read more

The Hotel de Russia in Rome opens the Nijinsky Presidential Suite

Olga Polizzi, design director at Rocco Forte Hotels, meticulously redesigned the Nijinsky Suite, a two-bedroom sanctuary with expansive indoor and outdoor spaces. Wanting to evoke a Roman residence, Olga Polizzi combined timeless elegance with an eclectic mix of vintage Italian pieces and custom-made objects from across the country, to create an environment that immerses guests … Read more

RHOM’s Julia Lemigova Shares Farm-to-Glam Hosting Tips and Tricks

Julia Lemigova du RHOM partage des conseils et des astuces d'hébergement de Farm-to-Glam

The products featured in this article are from brands available on the NBCUniversal Checkout Marketplace. If you buy something through our links, we will receive a commission. The Real Housewives of Miami Julia Lemigova has all the hosting secrets, essentials, and helpful decorating tips you need to create the most spectacularly glamorous farmhouse dinner imaginable. … Read more

guide to a successful family vacation!

Going on a trip with children opens the door to extraordinary adventures and unforgettable memories shared as a family. However, traveling with young explorers requires the right preparation and approach to ensure the experience remains enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. In “Traveling with Kids: A Guide to a Successful Family Vacation!” “, we offer proven … Read more