SiteMinder: Traveler Report Changes 2023

2 in 5 people will travel more, but only abroad. A new study by SiteMinder reveals the projects and motivations that will have an impact on the accommodation sector in France.

SiteMinder, the world’s first open hotel commerce platform, has just launched the 2023 edition of the world’s largest accommodation consumer study. According to this study, 86 % of French people intend to travel at least as much as last year and almost half intend to travel more. The number of people only planning to travel internationally has almost doubled from 24 in 2017. % last year at 47 % This year.

The study’s findings appear in SiteMinder’s Changing Traveler Report 2023, an analysis of more than 10,000 travelers interviewed in France and 11 other countries. The study outlines the four main characteristics underlying travel plans and motivations that will impact the global hotel industry in the coming year:

  1. The tenacious explorer: determined to travel regardless of accommodation costs ;
  2. Digital addict: dependent on new technologies, dependent on devices ;
  3. The creator of memories: invests in experiences, in a kind of remake of the Roaring 20s ;
  4. The attentive employee: a declared ally of the accommodation and the community.

Despite inflation, 79 % of French travelers say they are generally willing to spend more than the price of their accommodation. However, rising prices are forcing them to adapt, with bundles seen as the most common way to combat rising costs. This result is not surprising, given that 3 in 5 French travelers say they have changed their expectations regarding accommodation over the past year. “ Space for family and friends » is what travelers are looking for most these days. For more than a quarter of them, it is more important now than last year to benefit from an exceptional accommodation experience (for example, in terms of gastronomy, music or interactive experience).

The number of people intending to work on their next trip decreased slightly, from 24 % last year at 22 % This year.

For Clemens Fisch, SiteMinder’s regional director for Central Europe, this study confirms the good health of the travel sector in France and the essential role of accommodation providers.

The recent period of disruption was clearly followed by “revenge trips”. However, our study makes clear that travel will continue over the next year in a planned and sustained, yet considered, manner.believes Clemens Fisch. Unlike recent years, we have seen a stronger intention to travel only abroad. However, travelers from all countries are trying to adapt to inflationary pressures by looking for advantageous accommodation offers. The number of French travelers planning to travel abroad has almost doubled since last year.

65 % of French travelers will tolerate lower quality services due to hotel staff shortages. One of the main conclusions of SiteMinder’s Changing Traveler Report 2023 is related to the perceived technological lag in the hotel industry. 9 out of 10 travelers believe this sector is “ in average “Or” afternoon » in relation to the adoption of new technologies. 2 in 5 agree that their booking and stay experience could be improved if the accommodation industry used more technology.

Through our research, we now know that travelers in all countries consider the hotel industry to be behind in adopting technology. Hosting providers should see this as an invitation to invest in innovative business technologies that allow them to better meet current customer expectations.

According to SiteMinder research, travelers’ technology use includes the following:

  • AI — More than half of travelers worldwide, including more than two-thirds of millennials, are likely or very likely to use AI for accommodation recommendations. French travelers are much more cautious: just 28 % are likely or very likely to use AI to derive these recommendations.
  • Social media – 70 % of global travelers, including 9 in 10 Gen Z, say that social media influences the way they experience their accommodation. At 52 % only, the influence of social networks is much weaker among French travelers.
  • Booking sites – almost 3 in 4 travelers plan their trip by booking online, but almost half say they abandoned their booking due to a bad experience. This bad experience is mainly due to two factors: sites that do not appear secure and sites with an unattractive design.

SiteMinder (ASX:SDR) is the world’s first open hospitality commerce platform. Hotels and accommodation providers can market, manage and develop their businesses there. A highly innovative online platform, SiteMinder offers them a complete range of products and solutions. They can manage and streamline the distribution of their rooms across a wide selection of direct and indirect channels. They can record customer reservations and communicate with them. SiteMinder has offices in Bangalore, Bangkok, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Dallas, Galway, London and Manila. Its headquarters are located in Sydney. The company generates more than 100 million hotel reservations each year, representing revenue of more than $35 billion.

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