TSUZAMEN: A unique musical journey

The world of music, universal and without borders, finds in the Tsuzamen project a remarkable expression of its ability to unite and celebrate cultural richness. Initiated by Octeto Sirba in partnership with the Children’s Choir of the Paris Orchestra, Tsuzamen It’s not just a concert, it’s an emotional and historical journey. This unique artistic program interweaves traditional Yiddish, Armenian and Gypsy melodies, creating a vibrant show that pays tribute to cultures often marginalized and affected by historical tragedies. The premiere of this project took place at the Paris Philharmonic and is now ready to touch the hearts of new audiences, particularly during the famous Folle Journee, which marks its 30th anniversary.

A cultural mix through music

Octeto Sirba, known for its passion and experience in interpreting world music, transforms Tsuzamen into a rich and colorful tapestry of sound. This project is part of a process of commemoration and celebration, where each chosen melody tells a story, evokes a memory, transmits an emotion. These musical pieces, rich in history, are performed with a sensitivity that transcends cultural differences, inviting the listener to a journey across time and borders. The harmonious interaction between instruments and diverse musical styles creates a space where the past and present meet, illustrating music’s ability to heal, unite and inspire.

The impact of the children’s choir

The integration of the Paris Orchestra Children’s Choir, under the expert direction of Béatrice Warcollier, adds a moving dimension to the Tsuzamen project. The children’s voices, imbued with innocence and hope, bring a brightness that contrasts with the weight of the topics discussed. These young voices, symbols of the future and purity, carry the melodies with a grace and freshness that directly touch the listeners’ hearts. Their presence reminds us that, despite the tragedies of the past, young people carry with them the seeds of a better future. Their participation highlights the importance of transmitting collective memory while preserving the lightness and joy typical of childhood.

Tsuzamen: In the heart of crazy days

The 30th anniversary of La Folle Journee provides a spectacular backdrop for the deployment of Tsuzamen. The event, centered on the theme “Origins”, meets the objectives of the project, which explores cultural roots through music. The performances planned in the Pays de la Loire promise to not only captivate audiences, but also educate them about the richness of Yiddish, Armenian and Gypsy musical traditions. This tour is an exceptional opportunity for Sirba Octet to share their love for this music with a wider audience, thus reinforcing the message of unity and mutual respect.

Enriching musical encounters

This series of concerts in the Pays de la Loire region is an opportunity for Sirba Octet to collaborate with talented young musicians. The participation of groups such as the Vendée Cordes and the Vendée Youth Harmony Orchestra enriches the program, creating an invigorating cultural and artistic exchange. These interactions provide young artists with a valuable platform to express themselves and learn, while also allowing audiences to discover new talent. The meeting between the experienced musicians of Sirba Octet and the freshness of the young performers promises intense and memorable musical moments, reflecting the diversity and continuity of musical traditions.


Tsuzamen, as a musical project, goes far beyond a simple series of concerts. It represents a bridge between generations, cultures and histories, bringing people together in a celebration of life and hope. Through this musical journey, the Sirba Octet and the Paris Orchestra Children’s Choir offer a moving tribute to the cultures that have shaped our history, while paving the way for a future where memory and newness coexist in harmony. Tsuzamen is an invitation to reflect on our roots, our identity and the unifying power of music, an invitation to travel across languages ​​and eras, to discover our common humanity.

Patrick Koune

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