Tastings, train trips, chocolate treatment… 5 unique experiences to discover Swiss chocolate

There Swiss It is known for its landscapes between lakes and mountains, its precise clocks, its cheeses and of course… its chocolate! This delicacy, made with fresh Alpine milk and quality cocoa, is a true national pride. Several options are available for you to discover Swiss chocolate, here are some of them:

Chocolate in Switzerland: a little history

The history of chocolate in Switzerland is a sweet adventure that dates back to the 18th century. The Swiss discovered chocolate thanks to cocoa beans from South America. Chocolate was initially bitter, but the Swiss added milk to make a delicious hot drink. It was in 1819 that François-Louis Cailler created the first chocolate factory in Switzerland. Several iconic brands then emerged and enchanted the entire world with their chocolate creations. Today, Switzerland is famous for its high-quality chocolate, a symbol of know-how and indulgence.

In 2022, the Swiss demonstrated their love for chocolate by consuming an average of 11.1 kg per person, one of the highest consumption levels in Europe. In comparison, the French consumed 7.3 kg per person during the same period.

Brands born across the border

Swiss chocolate is known worldwide for its exceptional quality and exquisite flavor. Several world-renowned brands have also seen the light of day in this country, including:

  • Toblerone : Toblerone, a Swiss icon, is recognizable by its unique triangular shape and its blend of milk chocolate, almonds and honey. Created in 1908 by Theodor Tobler, its name is a fusion of the Tobler family name and the Italian word “turrone”, which means nougat.
  • Lindt : Founded in 1845 by David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, Lindt is one of the oldest Swiss chocolate manufacturers. Lindt Swiss Chocolate is famous for its smooth texture and exquisite flavor. Lindt is also famous for its Lindor balls and chocolate bunnies. It was also this brand that invented milk chocolate in 1879, following an accident!
  • Nestlé : Designed in Switzerland in 1866 by Henri Nestlé, Nestlé has become a large multinational food company. Offers a wide variety of chocolate products.
  • Curdle : is the oldest Swiss chocolate brand still in existence. Founded in 1819, Cailler is particularly known for its chocolate bars and pralines. Today, Caillée and Nestlé have joined forces to become the house of Cailler-Nestlé.
  • Suchard : The Suchard chocolate factory, created by Philippe Suchard in 1826, is famous for its chocolate stones and bars. This internationally renowned Swiss brand is loved for its smooth, creamy chocolate.

Visit the Maison Cailler chocolate factory

Less than 2 hours by car fromAnnecy, in Broc, near Gruyères, this chocolate factory welcomes visits, accompanied by tastings. For those who like sweets, you will also have the opportunity to buy chocolate at very attractive prices!

Your visit begins with an interactive historical tour that traces the history of the Cailler family and other great figures in Swiss chocolate. Then, the second part of the Visit It immerses you in the manufacturing process, from beans to milk. You will have the opportunity to touch and observe the raw materials, discover the suppliers and producers of the ingredients used, while exploring the different manufacturing areas. The visit ends deliciously with a Cailler chocolate tasting, with a wide choice of chocolates. At the café and shop that ends the tour, you can enjoy a meal and take some chocolate souvenirs for the trip.

Virtual tours of chocolatier Durig

This chocolate factory Lausanne offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of chocolate through different experiences such as tasting cocoa beans from different regions. Committed to organic and fair trade, the Durig chocolate factory produces Swiss chocolate that respects the environment and workers. It offers virtual workshops that allow you to get up close and personal with the process of making these much-loved delicacies.

How does a virtual tour work? It all starts with award-winning chocolates being sent straight to your door. You will then receive a Zoom link that will allow you to participate in an interactive tasting session, led by a chocolate expert. During this session, this expert will reveal the secrets of chocolate and guide you in tasting the chocolates you received.

The Choco Pass in Geneva

There city ​​of Geneva created the Choco Pass, a gourmet initiative that invites you to explore the city while tasting the creations of Geneva’s best chocolatiers.

How the Choco Pass works is simple: on the first visit to one of the eight participating chocolate shops, the pass is activated. Then you have the opportunity to do a tasting at each chocolatier on the list. Each of these chocolatiers offers a unique tasting dish, allowing you to taste a variety of exquisite chocolates, from Geneva’s famous cobblestones to delicious truffles. What discover a little indulgence at the same time as the city!

A treatment in Bains de Lavey

The chocolate train

During the summer, from May to October, the Chocolate Train connects Montreux to the famous Cailler chocolate factory in Broc, an unmissable experience for cocoa lovers. The Montreux-Berner Oberland railway company dedicated a special line to this sweet, synonymous with temptation for some and addiction for others. Passengers travel first class, whether in elegant 1915 Pullman cars or modern panoramic cars. As soon as you settle in, breakfast is served, including, of course, hot chocolate and a pastry generously filled with chocolate from Maison Cailler.

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