Normandy Cabourg Pays d’Auge: the tourist office moves and develops a new strategy

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New facilities

Initially installed in the offices of the Cabourg tourist office since the merger of the municipal communities, the administrative services of the Normandy office Cabourg Pays d’Auge (Calvados) had to find a base and advance quickly following the resumption of Cabourg’s autonomy.

It was at the Normandie Sports Center in Houlgate that the NCPA tourism office took up residence at the end of 2023. The tourism office’s “back office”, as NCPA president Olivier calls it Paz, brings together “all the design and creative work” and now hosts around ten employees in a renovated space consisting of seven offices and an open space, in the historic Villa Madeleine de Houlgat. “As of January 2nd, everything was perfectly operational.”

A win-win partnership with CSN.

Oliver Paz

An implementation carried out urgently, but which benefits from a “win-win partnership with CSN, currently under construction, in privileged conditions”, recognizes Olivier Paz. The sports tourism aspect will also gain momentum in this Olympic year, “there is a true partnership to be developed within this framework, we can imagine the promotion of the territory among foreign visitors present in the coming months”. Olivier Colin, Mayor of Houlgate, delighted to welcome the firm’s offices, agrees: “it is good for the development of this site, we will be able to take advantage of the Olympic Games to highlight the territory”.

In turn, nothing changes for the four public reception offices located in Houlgate, Merville-Franceville, Dives-sur-Mer and Beuvron-en-Auge. A total of 22 people work in the NCPA tourism office.

New renovated offices at Villa Madeleine for Tourism Office employees. ©Le Pays d’Auge/Nicolas MOUCHEL

Tools and guidance

“We continue our essential missions: promoting the territory and valuing it. With the desire to irrigate the entire territory, to have a sustainable vision of tourism”, announces Olivier Paz, who does not foresee “mass or elitist tourism, but rather the desire to respect what makes our qualities”. All promotional and communication tools remain engaged: website, personalized digital stay diary, Coquillage & Colombage magazine, the second issue of which has just been launched, etc.

As the competence to promote the territory continues to be inter-community, Cabourg will always appear in the NCPA’s tourist documents, “we took our part in promoting Cabourg, we did not neglect it, although Cabourg has recovered its tourist competence”, highlights Olivier Paz.


This is the percentage of visitor reception at the four NCPA tourist office offices, excluding Cabourg.

Identity and strategy

For the 2024 summer season, nothing changes, guarantees Olivier Paz, “we are preparing the season on the track, as we have always done, we will not change anything”. However, reflection work is underway for the future. “We are rethinking our strategy. We are currently working with an agency specializing in tourism to redefine the identity of the territory that is no longer for, but with, Cabourg.” As part of future adjustments, a name change for the tourist office cannot be ruled out. Secondly, following this work, during the month of September, a tourism strategy will be implemented until 2027.

Videos: currently on Actu

Furthermore, the tourist office’s Epic may have new missions: signage and promotion of walking routes, “which concern all our municipalities”, a role in the development of cultural policy, “bringing culture as close as possible to residents” , and that of cycle paths.


They continue between NCPA and Cabourg. They mainly concern the surplus of more than 1,300,000 euros, of which Cabourg estimates that he should recover 43%, but the NCPA intends to withdraw 550,000 euros in subsidies. Cabourg disagrees on this aspect, “the mayor’s arbitration seems to be heading in our direction”, recalls Olivier Paz.

We have been very restrained for many months, we have not asked for anything, but we have chosen not to suffer.

Oliver Paz

Regarding staff, “Cabourg is not meeting its objectives” considers the president of the NCPA who believes that “we cannot leave with 43% of revenue and guarantee the recovery of less than 30% of staff”. Cabourg collected nine people, “including four who already worked in Cabourg alone, the count is not there”. Furthermore, a management position remains at stake, which could end in dismissal, and the NCPA does not seem capable of guaranteeing its continuity, “we are beyond our means”, judges Olivier Paz and returns the ball to Cabourg.

We had a war machine on the way, it was a Ferrari, everyone benefited from following it, and then we broke the engine.

Oliver Colin

Although the tourist divorce is not yet concluded, the president of the NCPA nevertheless wants to end with an agreement, “we have the desire to maintain the path of harmony”.

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