KAI Aso, a modern ryokan in the heart of Japanese onsens

In a world where urban hustle and bustle and stress dominate, KAI Aso It presents itself as a haven of peace and luxury. Situated in the stunning Aso Kuju National Park, this ryokan combines the beauty of Japanese tradition with modern amenities, creating an idyllic retreat.

Visitors can enjoy authentic Japanese culture at KAI Aso, including its relaxing pleasures and varied cuisine, all in a beautiful natural setting. The experience is immersive and harmoniously balances well-being, culture and natural beauty.

The essence of KAI: Fusion of tradition and modernity

KAI Aso symbolizes the very essence of ryokans, traditional Japanese inns, with a contemporary touch. Every detail, from architecture to service, has been designed to fuse traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern comfort. The facilities, while providing an authentic experience, do not sacrifice any of the amenities that international travelers are accustomed to. The culmination of this fusion is Washoku, Japanese cuisine, where local and seasonal ingredients are presented in artistic ceramics, enriching the gastronomic experience.

An immersion in nature Japanese

The natural environment of KAI Aso offers spectacular views of Mount Aso. Being close to this active volcano, one of the largest in the world, gives the tour a dramatic and captivating touch. In the center of the ryokan, natural hot springs invite relaxation and meditation. To allow visitors to reconnect with nature and immerse themselves in a tranquil and revitalizing environment, they offer a moment of pure escape.

An exceptional culinary journey

Washoku, which is at the center of the KAI Aso dining experience, pays homage to traditional Japanese cuisine. The chefs use local ingredients to capture the flavors of the region and season. Each meal is transformed into a work of art, accompanied by carefully chosen ceramics to highlight the variety of flavors and the beauty of the presentations. By offering an authentic and memorable dining experience, this culinary approach nourishes not only the body but also the mind.

KAI Aso: a prestigious ryokan with hot springs

Although KAI Aso can be reached in just two hours from Fukuoka Airport, it remains a peaceful place. Private villas with their hot springs offer unparalleled privacy, ideal for a peaceful retreat. The combination of natural wood and stone in the design of each villa creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. . Each space was designed to provide the best possible comfort, while maintaining a connection with the natural world.

An elegant and natural design

Each villa at KAI Aso is an example of Japanese craftsmanship, where design and nature merge harmoniously. Panoramic views from the villas’ outdoor terraces allow visitors to marvel at Aso’s dynamic landscape. With its elegant design and use of natural materials, the interior offers a relaxing and luxurious environment.

Luxury facilities for maximum relaxation

KAI Aso’s facilities are designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. The private and isolated external thermal baths in each villa allow for total immersion in the calm of nature. These hot springs, known for their benefits, offer a unique wellness experience, complementing the luxurious ryokan experience.

KAI Aso, an unmissable destination

KAI Aso is much more than just accommodation; is an immersive experience in Japanese culture. Its exceptional location, first-class facilities and commitment to cultural authenticity make it a destination of choice. Perfect for travelers seeking tranquility, luxury and cultural discovery, KAI Aso stands as a jewel of Japan, offering a beautiful retreat in an often tumultuous world.

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