Auzielle. Car festival review: 5 days of intense travel

The ship Studio 7 returned to port, after 5 days of intense travel, accompanied by its fleet of volunteers. This year, again, the public was present at the Auziellois event, with a new attendance record.

The maritime theme was respected both in the decoration and in the sound and lighting ambience, installed for the occasion. The army of sailors served nightly with local catering and a soup bar operating at full capacity. The team responded, with these eleven films in preview, a breakfast film and, new, a bistronomic quiz in a noisy atmosphere. The latter was a great success, with participants putting their cinematic knowledge to the test whilst enjoying the gourmet dishes on offer. On the cinema side, European programming itself was highly appreciated by viewers, with very high ratings. The opening and closing sessions, accompanied by the already unmissable buffets, were acclaimed by moviegoers who attended in large numbers. The classification was very close until the end, and it was necessary to take hundredths of a point into account to determine the winner of the public award: it was, therefore, the German film.The teachers’ room” which won. Very soon you will have the opportunity to discover it on the Studio 7 poster. The jury made up of seven volunteers, chosen from countless applications, had a lot to do with the works presented in this 7th edition. They discussed a lot, it gave rise to debates, but they ended up agreeing to award this jury prize. The choice fell on the magnificent Turkish film “Dark Night in Anatolia”, which you will have the pleasure of seeing very soon on the program.

The results of this 2024 edition are, therefore, very positive and encouraging for the Studio 7 team and for cinema. This enthusiasm for almost unknown films, which the distributors were kind enough to make available before anyone else, is a true sign of interest in this theater and in Art et Essais productions.

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