The “24-hour rule”, or how to cancel airline tickets purchased on

This is a right that should reassure travelers. After booking a plane ticket, it may happen that you want to cancel in the following hours for financial reasons, schedule reasons or simply by choice. Fortunately, there is the “24-hour rule” which can be your lifeline if you make a hasty decision. Still little known, this generally allows refunds or changes to tickets for free, as detailed Le Figaro .

First of all, you should know that this rule does not apply the same everywhere. In the United States, it is clearly defined thanks to Department of Transportation regulations. All airlines are therefore obliged to refund tickets canceled within this period. However, this only concerns flights to or from the country.

Reluctant low-cost companies

This quick refund policy is also widespread on the old continent. However, it is not harmonized and each company has the right to choose the length of this grace period. Some, like Air France, offer this perk but don’t display it on their websites, while others, like KLM and Scandinavian Airlines, clearly detail their 24-hour cancellation policy.

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Relative Low cost airlines, have varied and often more rigorous approaches, with cancellation fees for some. Thus, easyJet monitors cancellations within 24 hours with a penalty of €59, while Ryanair only allows changes for small errors, for example relating to the flight date or direction of travel, but not refunds.

Two additional conditions

Please note that, in general, the ticket must have been purchased directly from the airlines to benefit from this cancellation period, excluding those obtained through travel agencies. Furthermore, the flight date should not be too close to the ticket purchase date.

If the 24-hour period after purchase is exceeded, the possibility of canceling the ticket will be based on the offers proposed by the companies.

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