Senior package and large family card for train travel: SNCB will withdraw them

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Specifically, from January 2025, these Travelers will benefit from a 40% reduction on the normal price of Train ticket, whatever the trip taken. A measure that seems attractive but which, as our Flemish colleagues point out, will not always be as advantageous as the package currently in force. In fact, for a short trip, seniors will pay less than the usual €8.3. But for a longer trip, they will pay off quickly more expensive. For example, a standard Liège-Brussels return ticket currently costs 35.6 euros (on the SNCB website), and with the 40% discount promised to those over 65, it will cost €21.36. To get to the sea from Brussels, for example, a senior traveler will have to pay 24.24 euros round trip. Which is much higher than €8.3.

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Twelve Flemish associations therefore denounce this modification of SNCB’s tariff offer, deploring pricestotally unacceptable” and demanding action from the federal government. The railway company defended itself, presenting in particular a project for a loyalty system that will allow those over 65 to obtain a Additional discount when traveling during off-peak hours. But the details have not yet been finalized, the Morgen SNCB spokesperson Dimitri Temmerman. “The intention is certainly not to penalize the elderly. We just want to encourage them to take the train more often”he declared.

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