Interrail Pass: 6 routes to travel around Europe by train

A true pass to explore Europe, the Interrail pass is a train ticket that allows passengers to discover 33 countries at a reduced price. Thanks to more than thirty partnerships with different railway and river companies, it offers travelers the opportunity to freely explore more than 30,000 destinations spread across the Old Continent.

With flexible validity periods ranging from a 4-day getaway to a 3-month adventure, the Interrail pass allows each traveler to design the trip that best suits them.

With the pass in their pocket, passengers just need to board the trains they want, whenever they want. Some trains require a reservation, but most do not.

O Pass to a country allows, as the name suggests, to travel only through a single country. If you plan to travel frequently for a few days, it may be beneficial to get it. Otherwise, I recommend purchasing train tickets directly from the railway company in the country you plan to visit. The prices will probably be more profitable than those for the Interrail Pass.

O Global Pass, on the other hand, it is a very interesting option for travelers. It allows you to make two trips from your country of residence (one to leave the country and one to return, including transfers), then an unlimited number of trips in the 33 participating countries.

Two packages are possible:

  • The Flexi Pass
  • The Continuous Pass

The Flexi Pass allows you to travel a certain number of days during a month, depending on the package selected. The Continuous Pass allows you to travel for a certain number of consecutive days, proving to be particularly attractive for trips made unexpectedly.

The price of packages depends on the number of travel days planned. Furthermore, only regular train journeys are included in the price. To lend the High speed trains, a seat reservation is mandatory; and to reserve a seat it is necessary to pay a supplement, the value of which varies depending on the duration of the trip and the destination.

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