This tip allows you to take the train for free and few French people know it

In exchange for a service, this start-up allows travelers to receive payment for their train ticket.

School holidays are approaching, but your bank account has turned red… To top it off, you’ve just checked the different booking platforms, even low-cost ones, and you realize that the tickets are overpriced. And yet, did you know that there is a way to board a train by having someone else pay for the ticket? For a small service, of course…

As long as you love children and know how to take care of them, the site Kidygo offers travelers the opportunity to get paid for a train, bus or plane ride from parents looking for chaperones for their children. All destinations, French or European, are possible, whether by train, bus or plane, even if most advertisements concern rail travel in France, between the capital and large provincial cities like Paris. -Marseille, a Paris-Lyon or even a Paris-Bordeaux, which usually costs more than 100 euros…

If this platform created in 2014 is still little known by the French, it delights students on a low budget and divorced parents! “Often it’s the same type of case. The father lives in one place, the mother in another. the other”, Maëlle explains to Information about France, a student from Lyon who in two years has already had around twenty train tickets paid for via Kidygo. In half of the cases, parents offer a fully refunded ticket. Otherwise, the refunded portion varies depending on the travel date and when the parents make the reservation.

To become a “KidySitter”, simply register on the website for a subscription of €9.90 per month with no obligation (activated only on the first trip taken). The site is, however, free for parents. The traveler will provide a proof of a clean criminal record, identity card and photo, and you must complete your presentation by adding diplomas, certifications and any significant experience (BAFA, summer camps, daycare, first aid, etc.) to reassure parents. Once the profile has been validated, the future companion will be able to then offer train rides and/or accept parents’ requests.

In the search engine, ads presented by parents mention the cities of departure and arrival, the date and times, the number of children to be cared for during the trip, as well as the total or partial refund of the ticket. If you are ready to leave anywhere, it is even possible to not indicate any arrival destination! If a parent is interested in signing up, the site exchanges contact details. It is an exchange of good practices that has the merit of being known.

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