Skyscanner reveals the 7 travel vibes and top destinations for the French in 2024

Whether it’s a musical getaway or an escape to one of the “Zzzz Destinations”, global travel leader Skyscanner shares the latest trends shaping the industry and traveler behavior in its report “TRAVEL TRENDS 2024: Rethink Your journey across the spectrum of experience.”

Combining proprietary data from millions of surveys with results from the annual Consumer Behavior Study (1) Along with expert commentary, Skyscanner today reveals its 10 most popular destinations, 10 best value destinations and the hottest vibes and travel types in 2024.

If more than 3 in 4 French people (78%) plan to travel as much or more in 2024 compared to 2023, value for money remains a key factor for French travelers, the cost of the hotel (22 %) and theft (39 %) being the main factors that determine the choice of destination.

In 2024, it is clear that consumers will continue to enjoy travel: almost a third (31 %) of French travelers plan to spend more on travel in 2024 than in 2023, while almost half (43 %) will spend the same.

  • Furthermore, Skyscanner data highlights new factors that are more important for consumers when choosing their trips in 2024, with price no longer being the only criteria in decision-making. 43% of French travelers now consider the vibe of a destination as an important factor in choosing a vacation.

Cultural experiences will be in the spotlight in 2024, with several key trends revealed by Skyscanner in its 2024 travel trends report, including:

  • Concerts – A third of French travelers (30%) would be willing to take a short-haul flight to attend a concert by their favorite artist if it would save them money. Therefore, Skyscanner teamed up with event ticketing app DICE to reveal the cities that will host the most concerts in 2024 for less than €25 (and it’s Leeds, in the United Kingdom, that takes the prize !).
  • Main character energy – Film and television are the second most popular sources of inspiration for our French travelers. Skyscanner sees the same effect every time a hit series hits screens. Netflix is ​​at the origin of a good number of highly anticipated series, whose main character sets the tone by inspiring desires and travel destinations, this main character’s energy (spoiler… with Emily’s imminent return to Paris, search for Paris by international travelers will likely skyrocket). Skyscanner saw a +60% increase in searches on its website following the release of Season 3 in December 2022. (two)
  • Budget-friendly gourmets – For French travelers, restaurants are a very important factor, as one in five French people (20%) have booked a destination based on a specific restaurant location and almost one in two French people (41%) would like to do the same. Finally, it is even more revealing that, for more than half of French travelers (57%), among the experiences they have abroad, the culinary experience continues to be their favorite. Side of destination, Osaka, rightly nicknamed “ Japanese cuisine ‘, tops Skyscanner’s list of destinations for budget foodies in 2024 and boasts some of the most affordable fine dining in the world.
  • Destination Zzzz – Sleep seems to gain importance in the hearts of travelers who are increasingly interested in the quality of their sleep in 2024. Almost half of French people (46%) say they sleep better when they are on vacation. A really hot topic (Google Trends shows that interest in sleep health has increased by 65 % in the world in the last five years) that travelers are very aware of. Skyscanner shares advice from a sleep expert, as well as the top three destinations listed for a good night’s sleep: Hoi An, Santorini and Rome ranked at the top of the list.

Furthermore, with a growing thirst for experiences that improve quality of life, Skyscanner sees the emergence of these new types of travelers in 2024:

  • Analog adventurers – In the age of always connected » and the constant media hype, Generation Z wants old-fashioned analog adventures, leaving aside the digital device in favor of an experience closer to what was done before. Furthermore, a quarter of French people (25%) aged between 18 and 24 now carry a 35mm camera when they travel and expect their photos to be developed when they get home. 1 in 6 carries a Polaroid or disposable camera (15%).
  • Festive tourists – French travelers are increasingly looking to celebrate special occasions in style. 1 in every 2 people (50 %) participated in a group trip to celebrate a birthday. Note, at the same time, that the issue of group discussions represents a real concern these days: 1 in 4 people (24 %) stated that knowing where and how to communicate with their group was an impediment to organizing a group trip. So Skyscanner turned to WhatsApp for the best practical advice on how to make your group travel dreams a reality within your reach.
  • Those looking for luxury for less – Skyscanner’s recent consumer research reveals 8 % of French travelers plan to upgrade their flight to business class or first class in 2024, while 9 % plan to book airport lounge access to start their trip in style. However, five-star luxury does not necessarily mean high costs. Skyscanner features some of the best five-star stays to experience around the world. For example, you can go to Kuala Lumpur and stay in a 5-star hotel for €95 per night (3).

Cécile Lescat, travel and destinations expert at Skyscanner, comments: Skyscanner’s 2024 Travel Trends report reveals that more than ever, cultural exploration will be a priority for travelers in 2024. We’re seeing a wide range of cultural curiosities in travel, from musical getaways to budget foodies looking for the best gastronomic experience (at the best price !).

However, the cost of living remains a priority and our money-saving tools continue to grow in popularity. Our ‘Search Anywhere’ tool, which displays available global destinations from lowest to highest price, is the number one search option for global travelers this year.

The most popular destinations in 2024

Here are the 10 destinations popular with French travelers, having seen the biggest increase in searches year over year. (4)

  1. Osaka, Japan: +276 % increase in searches
  2. Tokyo, Japan: +257 % increase in searches
  3. Mumbai, India: +216 % increase in searches4. Taipei, Taiwan: +211 % increase in searches
  4. Tirana, Albania: +205 % increase in searches
  5. Hanoi, Vietnam: +192 % increase in searches
  6. Bilbao, Spain: +181 % increase in searches
  7. Madeira, Portugal: +179 % increase in searches
  8. Faroe Islands: +174 % increase in searches
  9. Perth, Australia: +151% increase in searches

Here are the 10 most popular destinations for French travelers, having seen the biggest drop in airfare prices from France last year. (5)

  1. Constantine, Algeria: 36 % to decrease
  2. Algiers, Algeria: 34 % to decrease
  3. Oran, Algeria: 26 % to decrease
  4. Tunis, Tunisia: 15 % to decrease
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark: 12 % to decrease
  6. Tirana, Albania: 12 % to decrease
  7. Taipei, Taiwan: 10 % to decrease
  8. Madeira, Portugal: 7 % to decrease
  9. Stockholm, Sweden: 4 % to decrease
  10. Alicante, Spain: 3 % to decrease

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