Here’s the drink that should definitely not be consumed on board a plane

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Tap water should be absolutely avoided.

Interviewed by the British newspaper Mirror, Anton Radchenko explains that you should avoid drinkingtap water on the plane. Pipes on board are rarely cleaned,” he told the media. In fact, the water quality is particularly poor there, because it is sometimes stored for weeks. “You are potentially drinking water from dirty pipes.” he continued in the interview.

It should be banned, even if you fly on a low-cost airline and have to pay for a bottle of water. On the other hand, be careful too, because tap water is sometimes used to prepare coffee, hot chocolate or tea on boardIt would take six to nine months for a water analysis to be performed on the device. If nothing is found, the tank will not be cleaned”, shared flight attendant Cierra Mistt, who regularly gives valuable advice to her community on the social network TikTok.

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