Elon Musk, Taylor Swift… who is this student chasing the stars’ private jets?

At 21, Jack Sweeney specialized in following the private jet trips of celebrities and businesspeople, which he then posts on social media.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich have several things in common: they are rich, famous and their trips aboard their private jet were followed and published on social media by Jack Sweeney. And they are far from being the only ones.

Student at the University of Central FloridaThis 21-year-old has been managing accounts on different platforms for several years that record the take-offs and landings of planes and helicopters owned by celebrities or billionaires, as well as estimates of their greenhouse gas emissions.

Passionate about aviation, Jack Sweeney made himself known by creating the Twitter account @ElonJet in June 2020, which tracks and retransmits in real time the movements of the billionaire’s private plane thanks to an algorithm that uses public air traffic data International.

In the sights of singer Taylor Swift

The available data makes it possible to identify the owners, who are normally anonymized in official documents. But that was when Elon Musk, who didn’t like his approach, offers him 5,000 dollars stop sharing your flight information online while Jack Sweeney’s page makes headlines.

As the young man made him a counter-offer of US$50,000 to fulfill his request, the latter explained to the Bloomberg. At the height of its popularity, @ElonJet had 500,000 followers before being suspended of the platform in 2022 regarding Elon Musk’s likely decision.

To get around this ban, Jack Sweeney recreated two Twitter accounts: a personal account and a new version of @ElonJet: @ElonJetNextDay. The latter, automated, continues to publish Elon Musk’s plane trips, but with a 24-hour delay. It is now followed by just over 28,000 people.

This year the student became for the Threads social network launch an account that once again tracks the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet In real time. A rewarding job since Jack Sweeney joined the Forbes ranking 2024 of the most influential Americans under 30 in consumer technology, reports the Daily Mail. Recently, Jack Sweeney made a new enemy in the person of American singer Taylor Swift who threatens him legal procedures if he doesn’t stop tracking his private plane.

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