When will we be able to buy train tickets to travel to France this summer?

Although some international rail links are already open for sale, you will need to wait until the beginning of March to book trips within France, in particular to connect the capital with other host cities.

Although many French and foreigners have already booked accommodation and tickets for the events, the SNCF will only open reservations for its TGVs that will operate during the event in a few weeks’ time.

Places for the tests: reserved. Hotel nights: reserved. All you need are the tickets train. Although many foreign tourists have already organized their visit to France For the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, most are waiting to finalize their preparations by booking their domestic train travel, especially to connect the capital with other host cities (Marseille, Nantes, Chateauroux…). On the main national routes, tickets generally go on sale four months in advance. For now, TGV inOui and Intercités are available until May 22nd.

You will have to wait for the next sales opening to be able to purchase your train tickets that cover the Olympic period, from July 26th to August 11th. For starters, it’s best to travel as a tribe. “National trains will be available for sale (…) in February 2024 for travelers in groups of 10 or more people», indicates the Paris 2024 official website. These group reservations, which entitle you to discounts, are made at a dedicated page.

Individual travelers, in turn, will have to wait until March 7th to have access to trains running until September 11th, as specified in the sales opening schedule from SNCF Connect. The organizers of the Olympic Games add that “Specific communications will be sent by Paris 2024 to notify spectators with tickets to the Olympic and Paralympic Games about the opening of sales“. Another solution: use SNCF Connect’s “Booking Alert” function to be notified when the tickets you are interested in are on sale.

No additional TGV for the Olympics

Unlike national lines, some international connections are now open for booking, allowing some of our European neighbors to prepare for their visit to France. Brits can now book their ticketsEurostartrains from Paris-London being open for reservations until the end of the year. Other Eurostar journeys (to and from BelgiumO The Netherlands and theGermany) can be booked four months before departure, so from the end of March for a departure at the end of July. The Franco-Spanish links of the Renfe (LyonBarcelona and Marseille-Madrid) are open until early December.

In addition to ticket sales, there is also the issue of the level of rail supply. The Olympics take place in the middle of summer, a time when trains are already running at full speed. “We will not be able to add additional trains because all our trains will already be used as they are every summer“, specific Figaro Alain Krakovitch, director of TGV and Intercités at SNCF Voyageurs. The offer will, however, be reinforced in Île-de-France with 4,500 additional trains which will serve 20 Olympic venues. The company will not be able to count on its new TGV M to add frequencies. Initially planned to run in 2023, then, from the summer of 2024, the trains will only enter service in 2025.

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