Seoul, between traditions and modernity.
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A frenetic modernism that combines with vibrant ancient traditions. Welcome to South Korea, Land of Morning Calm which occupies this charming and modest peninsula bathed by the Yellow Sea and that of Japan, and which was sought after by all its powerful neighbors. The story of an economic miracle is not enough to explain the increasingly powerful attraction that this country exerts. K culture is pervasive, including in the West. Koreans’ peaceful relationship with preserved and mountainous nature.
Today, South Korea is consolidating itself as a tourist destination, with a classic circuit that goes from Seoul he has Busan passing through Gyeongju. Buddhist temples and monasteries, authentic fish markets… punctuate a stay with a radical change of scenery. Our advice for discovering the rising destination in Asia.

Visit South Korea in 10 days: our itinerary advice

Visit South Korea in 10 days: our itinerary advice

This is the destination of the moment! Proud of its 5,000 years of history and resolutely focused on the future, South Korea reveals multiple facets and unsuspected riches and competes with Japan for the hearts of travelers. Our advice for discovering the land of Morning Calm in ten days.

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