Our three tips for redoing your identity documents in Toulon and surrounding areas

We are far from the struggle of two years ago or even last year. Back then, you had to wait weeks to renew your passport or ID card.

Today, the obstacle course appears to have become somewhat simplified. Our advice to get your documents in a reasonable time.

1. Have a file ready to use

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest causes of delays is incomplete files. Remember that before going to the appointment at the City Hall, you must bring several mandatory documents.

It is necessary to bring proof of marital status and nationality, proof of address, photo of identification less than six months old and tax stamp (required for the passport, for the identity document only in case of loss or theft).

2. Use the internet

The Internet can become your best friend in your efforts.

You can pre-order on the website www.passeport.ants.gouv.fr, which will save you several minutes of waiting at the Town Hall.

Note that people who don’t have access to the web can obviously skip this step.

3. Go to other communities

It is not mandatory to go to the city where you live to renew your identity card. On the contrary, if you are in a hurry, don’t hesitate to go and see if the grass is greener elsewhere.

Mainly because the times to get an appointment vary a lot. If you can get one for the next day in some town halls in Toulon or Bormes, you will have to wait almost two months in Sanary or Saint-Cyr.

To find out about available vacancies, the State created a websiteDon’t hesitate to go there regularly to check if any vacancies have become available.

Twenty days of manufacturing

After passing the city hall stage, there is still another one to go through: the city hall stage.

“Ten days of instruction by the securities expertise and resources center”, we explain from the state communications side. Delays were reduced, as servers started working on Saturdays.

It then takes another ten days, on average, to produce the document and send it back to city hall. “The demands are already significant, guarantees the city hall. People are anticipating summer.”

Deadlines are expected to increase in the spring. So it’s a matter of planning ahead if you’re planning a particular trip.

Var-matin photo document.

In Castellet of spring

It will soon be possible to request your identity card and passport in the city of Castellet.

After a request to the city hall in November, the city hall should receive within a few weeks a “collection device” designed to collect applicants’ fingerprints, a mandatory procedure for passports, but also, since 2017, for the CNI.

The municipality hopes to be able to open the first service vacancies “to spring”she told us.

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