Holidays 2024: destinations validated by the Guide du Routard

Traveling means responding to the call of the unknown, exploring new horizons and embracing the diversity that shapes our planet. In this special year, the desire to get off the beaten track and discover unsuspected treasures intensifies.

In 2024, travel around France and the world

The year 2024 is configured as a canvas ready to be colored with your travels. I’call of the journey resonates both within our borders and beyond the oceans.

Whether to retrace the steps of the Impressionists in Normandydive into the heart of Gulf of Morbihanor venture south of Tunisia, the attraction to travel takes on varied and intoxicating forms. In France, treasures await travelers’ visits, from corners of preserved nature to nuggets of culture to discover. Across the world, more distant lands reveal fascinating cultures and stunning panoramas.

The trip still has beautiful days ahead, with everyone having destinations in mind. And if you’re still hesitant, the Backpacker’s Guide has established its annual ranking of the best destinations, this time for 2024.

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