Eluxgroupe notes renewed interest and sustained growth in luxury travel

Eluxgroupe, a specialist in experiential and tailor-made luxury travel, has recorded continuous growth since 2021. After two years of the pandemic that strongly impacted the activity of tourism professionals, the latest results from the group’s 3 brands mark a successful restart from all parts of tourism. the sector. This growth is part of a strong evolution of the luxury market and is characterized by a strong dynamic that suggests promising prospects for this year 2023.

If Elugroupe’s rapid growth reflects French travelers’ growing interest in luxury travel, CSP+ clientele is more attracted to the exclusive experiences and personalized support offered by the group.

Our revenue numbers in 2022
Eluxtravel Eluxfrance luxury event
11.7 million euros 1.1 million euros 1.5 million euros

We often hear the phrase I’ve been to such and such country. But we don’t make a destination. We live it, we absorb it, we feel it, we appropriate it thanks to a range of emotions that arise from an embodied, different, true, sincere discovery.Frederic Savoyen

Eluxtravel returns to the original source of travel: the discovery of a country through the prism of a founding, essential and authentic experience. Luxury and bespoke, yes, but written with a different punctuation than today’s à la carte travel.

Experiential luxury beyond material luxury: this is the DNA of Eluxtravel, which is exploring the planet to discover secret, surprising and inspiring addresses, in a magnificent natural setting and whose concept or architecture never leaves you indifferent.

Eluxtravel: A sharp resumption of activity

After a drop in business volume in 2020, common to all tourism players, the recovery of the company’s growth was immediate. In 2022, Eluxtravel reached a turnover of 11.7 million euros, which compares with 5.7 million euros in 2021, representing growth of 105%. A growing interest in luxury travel that is reflected in the company’s results.

The average basket also registered a sharp increase, which highlights the desire to relive exceptional moments after longer months of restrictions, rising from €14,858 in 2019 to €19,036 in 2022.

Eluxfrance: the French destination more popular than ever among a clientele of regular travelers

Eluxfrance, one of the 3 brands of Eluxtravel, a specialized partner of travel agencies in creating unique itineraries in the most beautiful French destinations, also recorded a significant increase in its activity with a turnover that more than quadrupled between 2021 and 2022, going from 242 thousand euros to 1,132 thousand euros.

Eluxevent: the renewed importance of travel in business strategy

The resumption of activity in the sector is also once again affecting corporate clients, especially in a rapidly changing configuration of working methods, where it is essential to gather and unite employees. Like the other two brands in the group, Eluevent, which offers companies trips to atypical and exclusive events, had an impressive start. A strong rise that allowed it to reach a turnover of around 1.5 million euros in 2022.

Eluxgroupe’s future projects illustrate the dynamism of the high-end travel market

By the end of the year, two new agencies opened in the Province will be added to the 4 existing Eluxtravel agencies. A flagship is also planned to open in Paris.

The internationalization of the company’s activities will take place in 2024, with the opening of agencies in Spain and Italy. Eluxspain and Eluxitaly will serve as travel agencies for Spanish and Italian clients, but also as inbound agencies for Eluxevent, as well as French clients wishing to travel to Spain and Italy.

These places” physicist », true travel fairs, constitute an essential pillar of the company’s development strategy to reinforce personalized support for travelers.

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