LUCA’s by Paolo Airaudo: A culinary journey – Florence

Located in the historic La Gemma hotel LUCA by Paolo Airaudo has established itself as an essential gastronomic destination in Florence. Just a few steps from the iconic Duomo and the River Arno, this restaurant is an oasis for lovers of good cuisine. Under the leadership of the Cecchi family, known for their innovative spirit, and the famous chef Paolo Airaudo, this place offers an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Paolo Airaudo, a global food traveler, has shaped his culinary art across the world. His experience ranges from Latin America to Europe, where he honed his skills at institutions such as Arzak in Spain, The Fat Duck in the United Kingdom and Magnolia in Italy. In 2015, he opened La Bottega in Geneva, a trattoria that earned a Michelin star in just four months. His iconic restaurant Amelia, named after his daughter, quickly followed this success, earning two Michelin stars.

Airaudo’s culinary vision

Paolo Airaudo sees gastronomy as a field of experimentation and pleasure, where conviviality and the joy of life are at the center of the culinary experience. Our talent lies in the ability to reinterpret culinary classics, integrating carefully selected seasonal ingredients to create innovative and surprising dishes. This culinary approach demonstrates the desire to break conventions and go beyond the limits of traditional cuisine. This culinary alchemy offers guests unique and memorable taste experiences.

Airaudo, with its artistic talent and passion for innovation, is constantly searching for new techniques and flavors. He integrates culinary elements from different cultures that he explored on his international travels into his cuisine. This wealth of influences is reflected in his creations, where each bite tells a story and awakens the senses.

A captivating and refined menu

LUCA’s exquisite selection

LUCA’s menu perfectly illustrates the Airaudo philosophy. Starters, such as amberjack combined with tomato water and ume kosho, open up the flavor spectrum. The main dishes, such as lobster risotto with hints of pumpkin and ‘nduja, and pigeon accompanied by onion and porcini mushrooms, promise a rich and surprising gustatory exploration.

Bold and inventive desserts

The boldness continues in the desserts, where combinations such as goat cheese and cherry pudding, or Jerusalem artichoke and white chocolate, demonstrate a limitless creative spirit. These sweet creations are the perfect end to a meal at LUCA’s, providing an ending that is as memorable as it is exquisite.

Interior design that reflects excellence cooking

The interior environment of LUCA’s is a work of art in itself, in perfect harmony with the restaurant’s culinary excellence. The space expertly combines traditional elegance with a contemporary twist, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Inspired by the art deco era and the architectural elements of the nearby Duomo, every detail of the interior design was thought to evoke a feeling of refined comfort. From luxurious velvet banquettes to soft shades of Tuscan green, the atmosphere is welcoming and elegant. Cocktail-style chairs and carefully arranged tables ensure an intimate and comfortable experience, allowing diners to fully concentrate on the delicacies served.

LUCA’s, an address not to be missed

Located in one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Florence, LUCA’s occupies a privileged location on Via Calimala. This restaurant, also accessible to non-hotel residents, promises a unique culinary getaway. Each dish is a discovery, each ingredient tells a story. In this place where history and modernity intertwine, guests experience much more than a meal: they participate in an unforgettable gastronomic experience, a memorable chapter in their culinary journey.

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