Vietnamese cuisine helps boost tourism

Vietnamese cuisine helps boost tourism

Many Vietnamese localities and businesses are turning to culinary tourism. Especially in five-star hotels that welcome international tourists, themed culinary programs are regularly offered to provide guests with an unforgettable taste experience.

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Pho (beef or chicken noodle soup) is a dish well known to Hanoians.
Photo: VNA/CVN

The restaurant offers a different culinary theme every month from countries around the world, attracting many customers who have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the dishes. They also have the opportunity to meet chefs, thus enriching their culinary experience.

Lê Trung, head chef at Autograph Saigon, said: “Gastronomy is an essential element in connecting hotels with their guests. Tourists come not only to stay at the hotel, but also to use the restaurant services. This is a great way to attract more guests to the hotel“.

In addition to the picturesque and historical places, culture and gastronomy act as a real magnet to attract tourists. Vietnamese cuisine is popular with international visitors due to its natural ingredients and subtly processed spices.

Enzo, Italian chef, shared: “CIt’s the first time I’ve come to Vietnam to participate in the cooking week +Italian love story+ at the Oriental Pear restaurant. I am very impressed with Vietnamese cuisine. I prepared typical Italian dishes for Vietnamese customers. I am confident that those from many other countries will also enjoy Vietnamese dishes“.

Many delicious Vietnamese dishes listed in the Michelin Guide are presented to domestic and international guests at events.
Photo: VNA/CVN

Many tourists come to Vietnam to try dishes they only know about on television or social media. Either Pho (beef or chicken noodle soup) or Bath my (Vietnamese sandwich), Vietnamese cuisine seeks to be exported abroad, thus helping to promote the country and its people internationally. This could pave the way for international integration and cooperation in many areas.

Stephen Wright, an Australian, said: “I’m a big fan of banh my which is delicious and crunchy. During my stay in Vietnam, this sandwich is my favorite choice for breakfast. It’s wonderful to enjoy a bath my in a place as unique as this

Gastronomy is an essential part of any tourist experience and actively contributes to attracting national and foreign tourists. Many national and international experts believe that Vietnam should focus on developing culinary tourism to become “the world’s cuisine” in the near future. In addition to tasting and experiencing different flavors, visitors can also learn about local culture, plants and nature, which enriches the travel experience.


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