Making gastronomic tourism a national strategic product

Making gastronomic tourism a national strategic product

The National Tourism Administration of Vietnam has released the July 2023 Tourist Information that updates and analyzes the results of tourist reception services, and presents the latest lines and policies in tourism and communication activities and to promote the image of Vietnam.

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Culinary presentation by the Tao ethnic minority on the National Culture Day of the Tao ethnic group.
Photo: Qui Hang/VNA/CVN

Specifically, the National Tourism Administration is approaching strategic cooperation to promote Vietnamese tourism, cuisine and culture around the world through the project “Varying thousands of ingredients, creating millions of Vietnamese dishes”.

This project aims to promote Vietnam’s diverse gastronomic culture. It also encourages tourists to discover gastronomy and explore local culture, thus helping to make gastronomic tourism a strategic product.

Vietnam’s tourism development strategy to 2030 considers gastronomic tourism as an important product, helping to strengthen the competitive advantages and brand of Vietnamese tourism. Vietnamese cuisine is enjoyed by many international tourists and friends and honored with many prestigious awards and titles.

The document also presents information about tourist and festive activities in various locations across the country.

Additionally, websites, and the National Tourism Administration pages on social media, continue to popularize tourism guidelines and policies, in order to promote it inside and outside the country.


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