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The Project Space of the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts of Lausanne (MCBA) welcomes the French artist of Azerbaijani origin, Babi Badalov. The “Xenopoetri” exhibition invites you to discover his visual poetry, written and drawn, from Friday until April 28th.

“Dissecting language into its most concrete aspect – the letter, the syllable – Badalov reinvents an ornamental language that is both a field of struggle and a utopia,” writes the MCBA in a press release. Visitors will be able to see this through a selection of collages, drawings, notebooks, as well as paintings made from recycled fabrics.

A mural installation, specially created for the occasion, also shows the extent of the artist’s practice, born in 1959 in Azerbaijan and who grew up “at the crossroads of Persian and Azerbaijani cultures, in a country under Soviet rule”. The man, who defines himself as “anarchist, punk and homosexual”, however had to “mourn his home country to gain his freedom”.

Eternal stranger

The life of Babi Badalov, whose real name is Babakhan Badalov, was marked by a succession of exiles that took him from Russia to the United States via the United Kingdom. The fifty-year-old, now living in Paris and naturalized French, maintains the feeling of “being a foreigner forever”.

The artist’s work, marked by the experience of displacement and marginality, is “crossed by the issue of communicability”, the organizers also emphasize. His visual poetry, anchored in no specific language, “but nevertheless dominated by the use of Globish (rudimentary English)” explores the poetic and graphic possibilities of language.

Visitors will be able to try it out during a writing and drawing workshop, – upon registration -, offered by the artist on March 19th and 20th. Previous experience is not necessary, but the ability to write in a foreign language is an advantage, specifies the MCBA.

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