Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf


From March 29 to April 15, 2024

Live a unique experience with the “Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf” stay, which offers 18 days and 17 nights of deep immersion in the sacred rites of the Holy Places of Islam.

Start your trip with a meeting at the airport for group departure with Saudia Airlines, ensuring a comfortable flight to your sacred destination. The agency guide will resolve the final logistical and administrative details with you during check-in.

Luxury Umrah Ramadan 2024 – Tawaf: Luxury Accommodation in Mecca and Medina

Enjoy this package” Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf » 13 nights at the prestigious Makkah Sheraton, a 5-star hotel offering sumptuous comfort. In Medina, the Bosphorus, a 4-star establishment, will be your haven of peace for 4 nights. This is with the sole aim of making the most of Ramadan nights inside Haram Al Makki.

Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf: Preparation and Courses on the Rites

Before arriving in Makkah, a preparatory meeting will inform you about the modalities of the trip, accompanied by a specific course on the rites of Umrah. Upon arrival, your guide will guide you through the sacred rites, answering your questions and ensuring a seamless experience.

In Mecca, immerse yourself in a new course on the benefits of the holy city, accompanied by practical information to maximize your stay. Experience Umrah rituals with guidance and devotion.

In Medina, discover the benefits of the city and the Prophet’s Mosque (peace and greetings of Allah be upon him, his family and the guided companions). He participates in a special prayer at the Quba Mosque, earning a reward similar to an Umrah. Then, he explores Mount Ouhoud, delving into the history of Islam.

A complete “Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf” package, combining worship and discovery.

Luxury Umrah Ramadan 2024 – Tawaf: Care and information for a smooth departure

The end of your stay “Umrah Ramadan 2024 Luxury – Tawaf” will be marked by the attentive care of the organizers. Crucial information will be provided for a worry-free departure to the airport, ensuring a smooth conclusion to a memorable Umrah experience.

Take part in this unique journey, where each day is an opportunity to strengthen your spiritual connection and fully experience the richness of Islamic traditions.

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