these 4 products are essential for late passengers

A traveler at an airport. (Photo by Irina Sharnina/Adobe Stock)

Some passengers have difficulty arriving on time the airport. But to catch the plane you need a minimum of organization and above all the right accessories.

There is a whole list of small items that can make life much easier for late arrivals at the airport when they need to catch a flight. BuzzFeed, in an article published on January 2, 2024, lists the most practical travel accessories for those who are always late to catch a flight. Here are four.

A clear toiletry bag

This toiletry bag allows you to carry a fairly satisfactory amount of items on a plane. You can put different skin care products in and still have enough space to put something else.

It can be easily stored in luggage and just as easy to remove when going through security.

An external battery

Having a well-charged phone battery while traveling is a must, as we can no longer be without these devices. Therefore, it is more than advisable to carry an external battery with you to recharge your smartphone at any time.

A collapsible water bottle

This type of bottle is made of silicone and can bend easily. They can be used for travel, but also for other activities such as sports, hiking or simply going to school or work. These are bottles that hold well and can be easily used on different trips.

A travel adapter

As sockets are not exactly the same all over the world, it is more than necessary to bring a travel adapter. Choose a voltage between 100 and 250 V to be able to use it in several countries.

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