The Guide to Booking Award Tickets for Large Families | Family trip

When booking award tickets for large families, it is important to reserve tickets as soon as they are available. The limited number of prized places means they fill up quickly, so acting quickly is essential.

Returning to the previous example, Eva Air releases two award seats in business class every day, 355 days before the travel date. To get these tickets, it is essential to reserve them as soon as they are released. If families need more than two spaces, they should also be prepared to immediately reserve the remaining spaces before they sell out. Yes, you read that correctly, buy the only two seats even if you are traveling in a group of four.

Then stay tuned when the two new seats go on sale for next-day travel; Although reserving seats on two different dates is not ideal, it is a strategy to reserve award tickets for large families and save costs.

You can also expect other award seats to be available on the same day as you reserved them, but this is unlikely for some airlines.

Afterwards, you can always plead your case with customer service to change your date if new seats become available; remember that the time changes work in your favor and booking in advance almost guarantees a flight change before your trip. In the worst case, you will travel separately.

It is relatively easy to find multiple seats in economy class a year in advance, but the challenge is especially to find more than two seats in business class.

You can also purchase missing seats by paying cash and redeeming travel points, thus combining the use of different types of points. Then call to link your two reservations. This is primarily a strategy for economy class travel.

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