Luxury certification in Jamaica: new step for Ensemble

Half Moon, Jamaica

Following the new exclusive partnership Ensemble announced in September with the Jamaica Tourist Board – as part of the Come Back to Luxurious campaign – the chain has launched a specialized certification program.

Designed exclusively for Ensemble Travel Advisors, the campaign aims to promote luxury tourism in Jamaica. It features the island’s best luxury resorts, high-quality DMCs (destination management companies) and concierge services for guests looking for a “tailor-made vacation.”

The campaign focuses on five luxury establishments:

  • Round Hill
  • Half Moon
  • Jamaica Inn
  • The Tryall Club
  • Visit Jamaica Villas

It also highlights two DMCs: Island Routes and Chukka Adventures.

Island Routes has launched a new private collection of exclusive experiences, while Chukka Adventures targets customers interested in more active travel.

One of the main features of the program is the VIP treatment offered by the Club Mobay team, who will welcome Ensemble customers directly on the plane, escort them to the airport and escort them to a private lounge, thus ensuring a smooth start to their vacation.

Round Hill, Jamaica
Round Hill, Jamaica

Program benefits

The Specialized Certification Program offers several benefits to Ensemble Advisors:

  • Targeting new luxury clients: Consultants have the opportunity to address a niche market of luxury travelers.
  • Exclusive Website Features: Consultants can be featured on Ensemble’s exclusive “Come Back to Luxurious” website.
  • Access to exclusive offers: Participating hotels and DMCs offer exclusive offers that are only available through this program.
  • Monthly Cash Rewards: The best booking consultant receives a cash bonus every month.
  • Exclusive Luxury FAM Travel: Program participants receive invitations to personalized luxury FAM travel.

“This training will accelerate the training of our consultants and lead to an increase in bookings,” said Jenn Kotacka, senior director of training and development at Ensemble, in a press release. We have already seen great interest from our members in participating in the program and we are confident that as more advisors follow the program, the number of bookings will increase. »

“The Jamaica Tourist Board is pleased to launch the next phase of our exciting strategic partnership with Ensemble,” said Angella Bennett, Director of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Canada Region.

“This exclusive new program will provide travel advisors with access to immersive training sessions developed by Jamaica’s leading providers of luxury goods and VIP services. The certification program will provide agents with the knowledge and tools needed to grow their business in the premium travel industry in 2024.”

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