5 Google Flights tips for finding cheap flights

Google Flights is Google’s flight search engine. We’ll show you how to use it to find cheap flights.

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If you are planning your vacation and looking for the best sites to find cheap flights, the answer to your search may be on Google itself. In fact, the Internet giant offers the tool Google FlightsA integrated flight search engine which provides some tips to help you fly more economically.

In principle it’s very easy to use, but just as there are ways to find flights at the best price on Skyscanner for Android, there are also ways to do your search on Google Flight so that your trip to the destination of your dreams is the best. cheapest possible.

Choose the type of flight you want

Types of flights available on Google Flights

Types of flights available on Google Flights

Most airlines allow you to choose the Ticket type that you want to buy. While you generally want to travel in economy class if you’re looking for cheap flights, you may be thinking about traveling in business class or first class and want to find the most economical price in that category. If you want to choose the type of ticket you want to purchase, just click on the arrow next to the word Tourist. There you will find the different types of tickets and you can select only those that interest you.

If you click on the person icon next to it, you can also choose whether you are looking for a adult ticketfor children, for babies with their own seat or for babies who can travel on their parents’ lap.

So, although many travel apps only offer one type of standard ticket, in Google Flights we will be able to select the one that interests us.

Check price history

Price history of a flight from Jerez to Madrid

Price history of a Jerez – Madrid flight

We all know that flight prices fluctuate over time. And Google Flights makes it easy to know if flights to the location you want are cheap, expensive, or full-price. To be sure, when searching you should click View price history. Then he will show us a graphic where we will be able to see the current price of the flight, as well as those it has had in the last few days. This way we will know if it is appropriate to make the purchase at this time or if it is better not to buy now.

Additionally, it will tell you whether the price is currently normal, high or cheap. Therefore, if you find that the price is higher than usual at the time you are going to make your purchase, you can always wait to buy at another time to ensure that you are purchasing at the lowest possible price.

Choose the best date for your trip

Date table for flights Jerez - Madrid

Date table for flights Jerez – Madrid

If you have a certain flexibility to choose dates of your trip, it may be interesting to know the price of tickets for each day, so you can plan your departure and arrival on the cheapest date possible. To do this, after searching for a flight, you must click on the button Date table which you will find just below the search engine. You can see the price for the same trip at in the three days before and after the one you initially looked for. This way you will be able to see if there is a big difference in price between traveling on one date or another.

If we decide we prefer travel on another datewe will simply have to click the table box where the flight we are interested in is located then click Accept. This way, we will be redirected directly to the search screen for that specific date, so that we can continue shopping on the new date.

Use filters

5 Google Flights tips for finding cheap flights

Google Flights also offers a number of filters which will allow you to choose only between flights that meet your needs. This way, you can choose flights from a specific airline or at specific times so that the search results match your preferences.

O luggage filter It is particularly interesting because it will help you find the cheapest flight taking into account whether you have luggage or not.

You can sign up multiple filters at the same time. So, for example, you can request the results of a flight between Madrid and Jerez, which leaves after 9:00 am, which is operated by Iberia and for which you have hand and hold luggage. Instead of seeing all flights between the two cities in that day’s search results, just those that match the search criteria you specified will appear. This ensures that if you have specific needsyour flight search will take this into account.

Activate alerts about price changes

Button to activate Google Flights price alerts

Button to activate Google Flights price alerts

Finally, if you don’t want to frequently check Google Flights to see if the price of the flights you’re interested in has dropped, you can ask Google to send them for you by email. To do this, you will need to go to the section Track prices, which you will find just below the filters. You will see there that you can find two slider buttons. In the first, you can request to receive price changes for the week in which you made your first search, while in the second, you will be sent flight prices for any date.

If you activate these buttons, you will receive information about the flights you are interested in the email address associated with your Google account with which you are connected at the time of your search.

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