the elegant river cruise

On this day, in early 1988, the intrepid Bébel donned his adventurer costume, but didn’t get very far. Filming begins for “Itinerary of a Spoiled Child” and Claude Lelouch has placed his camera in the Lake Kariba region, in northern Zimbabwe, an area infested with crocodiles. A few days earlier, the actor was almost trampled by a herd of elephants. But the “Ace of Aces” had the right reflections and the incident was also partially immortalized in the film.

The rest after the announcement

March 2023, at Lake Kariba you should always be careful of stagnant water. Four metallic yellow eyes emerge discreetly from the waves. Not a breath of wind. Without noise. Just the click of a camera immortalizing the unchanging spectacle of two huge, motionless crocodiles. A short distance away, the “Zimbabwean Dream” docked alongside sculptural dead tree trunks. It’s 6pm and the sky is crazy orange. The land

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