The communication plan, an essential guide

The communication plan is a guide for the manager and teams. It allows us not to get caught up in circumstances or events that would tend to lead us to act without discernment. Taking some time to think about the future and implement the communication plan adds added value to the actions undertaken.

Some will say in the current context that communication plans they have become obsolete because they are constantly questioned. However, a communication plan must always take into account crises that may arise in order to adapt without difficulties. The communicator must therefore consider all aspects and therefore best-case scenarios and disaster scenarios. He will also have to share with his teams and ask for suggestions to get everyone’s support.

The main questions

The communication plan is summarized through key questions and of course the creation of a mapping or table that allows you and your teams to competently execute all the actions to be carried out, such as:

  • What is my goal?
  • What is my target
  • What is my means of communication?
  • What media?
  • Who does what – internally? What services?
  • Who does what – externally? Who are the suppliers?
  • What budget?

How to create an effective communication plan?

Think in advance about all the actions to be carried out over the course of a year or half a year. It is therefore essential to list the main axes of your communication plan:

  • Relations with the press,
  • loyalty marketing,
  • digital marketing (website, SEO, newsletter, email, etc.),
  • events, fairs
  • internal communication, convention, intranet…etc.

And therefore, take the necessary measures for yourself, but also for your teams:

– Anticipate each actionWhile the preparation of a commercial exhibitionand thus avoid urgently preparing messages, leaflets and reminders for your potential customers, only to lose control of your budget and have to sacrifice other essential actions: in an emergency, service providers cost more.

– link actions teams to avoid unnecessary conflicts. To obtain good results from a Press release, both in your press kit and on your website, you will need to designate who the actors are, the time it takes to produce them and verify the result. This will allow you to remember deadlines to meet as projects progress.

Complete communication

You will need to compare:

– events in your industry and your competitors, e.g.

– your company’s events.

In fact, it is by connecting your communication to current affairs in your sector that you will benefit from the dynamics created by the media. Even if you don’t participate in an event, you won’t hesitate to communicate your experience, your know-how, your products, etc.

As for your company’s news: launch of a new offer, internal seminar, launch of a new website, etc., you will have to prepare press releases in advance both internally and externally so that the dynamics benefit all relays. Developing the communication plan will encourage you to create an effective communication strategy and identify weaknesses due to, for example, redundancies or omissions.

The plan will allow you to communicate at the best time, when your targets will be most receptive to your messages.

In the same way, you should never forget all habits: holidays, bridges, celebrations that lead to a slowdown in exchanges with partners, suppliers but also determine the availability of your teams.

The communication plan: supporting your business strategy

O communication plan it can constitute more than an instrument for budget anticipation and savings. It can serve as a guide for your strategy. To do this, simply list online the objectives you aim for: reputation development, customer loyalty, internal motivation, etc.

Anticipate, manage the unexpected, focus messages, spend wisely, achieve your goals, the communication plan is the guide to your success.

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