Responsible exploration: DiscoverRent reinvents adventure travel in Europe

The main idea of ​​DiscoverRent is to promote the experience lived through sporting expeditions, while minimizing the environmental impact. Your digital catalogue, accessible at Discoverent.comis full of gems, like snowshoeing in “little French Siberia” or rafting in “little Belgian Canada”.

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The origin of the adventure

Maxime and Marie met at UCLouvain, sharing a common passion for outdoor adventures. Their project took shape after two years of renting adventure equipment in Belgium. The success of their guided packraft initiations in the Ardennes led them to obtain a travel agency license, giving rise to DiscoverRent.

Today, with more than 400 adventurers on board in 2023 and 46 passionate local guides, DiscoverRent has become a key player in guided adventure travel.

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Offer a unique experience

DiscoverRent currently offers 48 different expeditions, mainly in France and Belgium, highlighting accessibility by train to minimize the carbon footprint. Responsible accommodation and food from local agriculture complete the experience.

On its website it is possible to sign up alone or in a group for experiences such as a mountaineering climb to 4000 meters, a crossing of the Vercors on snowshoes, a week of sailing off the coast of Sweden, packrafting in the Verdon gorges, or even an itinerant hike in the Vosges. All of these experiences are guided and adapted to different levels, from beginner to experienced adventurer.

The adventure boom

The adventure travel sector is booming, with an annual growth rate of 13% since 2019. The pandemic has reinforced the need to escape, highlighting outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and rafting. According to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, this trend is expected to continue until 2030.

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Accessible to all levels

The adventure with DiscoverRent is accessible to everyone, thanks to four levels of difficulty. From beginners who want to discover an adventure sport in comfort (level 1) to experienced adventurers looking for extraordinary experiences (level 4), DiscoverRent offers a diversity of options.

Upcoming projects

By the year 2024, DisveRent intends to expand its catalog to 90 shipments and attract more French customers. The aim is to replicate in France the success achieved in Belgium.

Discover Rental

Its commitment to responsible tourism also translates into conservation initiatives, such as naturalistic experiences in Belgium’s new national parks. Additionally, transparency will be enhanced with carbon footprints for each trip as part of the European Union’s Tourbit program.

With DiscoverRent, adventure isn’t just a destination, it’s a way of life. Visit their website:

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