Patrick Mahomes Family Guide: Parents, Siblings, and Children

Patrick Mahomes You always have your family by your side.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is the son of Pat Mahomes AND Randi Mahomes. Before divorcing in 2006, the exes welcomed their son Jackson in May 2005. After their split, Randi and Pat moved on and welcomed children with other partners. Randi is the mother of his daughter Mia Randall while Pat is the father of Zoe Mahomes and Graham Walker.

Patrick expanded his family with his wife Brittany Mahomes. The couple, high school sweethearts, share daughter Sterling and son Bronze.

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Pat Mahomes Sr.

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Pat Mahomes

Pat played in the MLB from 1992 to 2003. He pitched for several teams, including the Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs and Pittsburgh Pirates. He also played overseas in Japan for the Yokohama BayStars.

Although Patrick played football, baseball, and basketball in high school, his father considered him the most promising baseball player and encouraged him to give up other sports.

“He grew up around the club, he was always in the game and he was always the best player on his baseball team,” Pat told Los Angeles Times in February 2023 about his son’s athletic talent. “He was an incredible shortstop, always led his team in hitting and threw 97 mph on the mound, so I always thought he would be a baseball player.”

Patrick was selected by the Detroit Tigers in the 2014 MLB Draft. However, he ultimately decided not to follow in his father’s footsteps and instead focus on football. When Patrick became the Chiefs’ superstar quarterback, his father supported him throughout his career and cheered him on during many of his games.

Patrick Mahomes Family Guide

Randi Mahomes

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Randi Mahomes

Patrick’s mother is an event planner at Hollytree Country Club, where she has worked since 2005. In addition to her day job, Randi also runs her website, QB Producer, where she strives to “set a positive example” and “make a difference.” .

Just like her ex-husband, Randi supports Patrick by cheering him on during game days. Before Super Bowl LVII, Randi posted a photo of her and Patrick at one of their high school football games.

“It seems like yesterday, but today I’m going to see (also try 🫣) my son,” she captioned the photo. “Encouraging my kids never gets old. I wouldn’t have it any other way #chefs #15 #ibelieve #blessed.

Patrick Mahomes Family Guide

Jackson Mahomes

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Jackson Mahomes

Jackson is Randi and Pat’s youngest son. He is best known for being an internet personality and running a TikTok page. Jackson and his older brother are very close and were the groomsmen at Patrick and Brittany’s wedding.

“It’s like being related to someone else,” Jackson explained of his bond with his older brother in a YouTube video in May 2020. “He’s a nice person, we’re really close. We have a great relationship, so I think it’s really cool.

Over the years, Jackson has had his share of ups and downs, including controversial behavior at Chiefs games and his arrest for aggravated sexual assault in March 2023. (The charges against Jackson were officially dropped in January 2024.)

Patrick Mahomes family controversies

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While Patrick Mahomes makes headlines for his on-field accomplishments, his family often raises eyebrows for his off-field antics. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s support system includes his father, Pat Mahomes, his mother, Randi Martin, his brother Jackson Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes. The couple shares daughter Sterling and son Bronze, whom they welcomed in February (…)

Mia Randall

Randi welcomed Mia in July 2011 and she is Patrick’s half-sister. Mia is close to Jackson and Patrick. She attended several Chiefs games alongside her mother to cheer on her older brother. Just like her brother, Mia also loves sports and plays basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, softball and more.

Zoe Mahomes

Pat welcomed Zoe in 2015 and she is Patrick’s second half-sister. She joins her father in cheering for Patrick during game days. Like her brother and father, Zoé also likes to play sports, especially football and basketball.

Graham Walker

Pat is also father to Graham who, like his half-brother, also plays football. Graham is a wide receiver for the Brown University football team, where he played for three seasons. Unlike his other siblings, Graham remains more discreet.

“He’s a little more laid back than the rest,” Pat said of his son in an interview with FOX4 in January 2024. “Stay out of the spotlight, go out, work and work. But he is a very impressive young man.

Patrick Mahomes Family Guide

Brittay Mahomes

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Brittany Mahomes

Brittany and Patrick met in high school and were married in March 2022. Before their marriage, Brittany was a soccer player at the University of Texas at Tyler and played one season at UMF Afturelding in Iceland.

After his football career, Brittany became Patrick’s number one supporter, cheering him on at every game.

Family photos of Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Matthews

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Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have embraced their roles as parents after welcoming sons Sterling and Bronze. The couple, who began dating in high school, got engaged in August 2020 following Mahomes’ Super Bowl LIV victory earlier that year. A month after the quarterback’s proposal, the couple announced that Matthews was pregnant with their first (…)

Sterling Mahomes

Patrick became a father in February 2021 when Brittany gave birth to daughter Sterling. Sterling served as the couple’s bridesmaid at their nuptials the following year. Brittany took her son to Patrick’s games to adorably cheer on his dad.

Bronze Mahomes

Brittany and Patrick expanded their family with Bronze in November 2022. Upon announcing his arrival, the couple revealed that their son’s full name is Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III. Patrick revealed that his brother Jackson came up with his nephew’s nickname.

“My brother Jackson, every time we tried to create something unique and different, he would say, ‘What about Bronze?’ It fits Sterling perfectly,” Patrick explained to reporters in December 2022. “So we moved on.

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