Hauts-de-France Tourisme (HIT): the new structure that helps tourism stakeholders

The Hauts-de-France region is doing well in the French tourist market (+6.5% of overnight stays in July 2023 at Gîtes de France, +12% at Abritel and Airbnb) ; However, a question arises: how can we take advantage of changes in tourist behavior while taking into account ever-increasing tourist flows? ? This is the entire mission of the newly created Hauts-de-France Innovation Tourisme (HIT), which aims to bring together the regional tourism sector to think about viable innovations and face the challenges of tomorrow: promoting smooth mobility, preserving the environment, supporting digitalization of stakeholders, distributing flows, recruiting in tourism and many other issues.

1er hub dedicated to innovation in the tourism sector of Hauts-de-France

Created in 2023 and hosted on Plaine Images (Tourcoing), the Hauts-de-France Innovation Tourisme project therefore aims to be the 1D platform dedicated to actionable innovation in the Hauts-de-France tourism sector. Its objective is to bring together all tourism stakeholders (tourism offices, business people, hoteliers, activity providers, etc.) around innovative projects that allow us to think about tourism today and tomorrow, creating positive synergies for everyone. tourists, residents and territories.

Acculturate, connect and guide

These means are mobilized to promote actionable and sustainable innovation in various fields of innovation in the service of generous tourism: smooth roaming, local gastronomy, sports getaways, new hospitality, well-being, culture, memory tourism and knowledge tourism -TO DO .

To achieve this, HIT will support the ecosystem through 3 fields of action:

  • Acculturate interested parties through a program of itinerant workshops in the region and mentoring.
  • Connect the ecosystem through unifying events and networking in Hauts-de-France.
  • Guide professionals by being the one-stop shop on issues related to tourism innovation.

The region: an ideal playground to experience innovative tourism

Hauts-de-France is the ideal territory to experience tourism from a new angle:

  • The region is an entrepreneurial terrain, fertile for innovative initiatives
  • The Hauts-de-France region generally supports innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly through a network of incubators/accelerators located throughout the territory.
  • The region’s original positioning in terms of tourist offerings (natural generosity) is favorable to the development of innovative proposals.

HIT will associate actors representing tourism innovation in the region with its official launch:

  • Cocolodge that builds nomadic and ecological homes
  • Hall U Need restaurant is rethinking its entire recruiting process
  • The Amiens tourist office is committed to making its metropolis Amiens the reference low-carbon destination in Europe.
  • The Weenav start-up that converts boat thermal engines into electric motors.

With more than 80,000 jobs created and 6.5 billion euros in consumption, tourism represents 4% of GDP in Hauts-de-France

Daniel Fasquelle, Hauts-de-France regional councilor responsible for tourism and president of Hauts-de-France tourism, specifies:

Strongly impacted by the health crisis and subject to constant changes in social trends and customer expectations, the tourism sector and the companies that comprise it must constantly adapt and transform to anticipate and respond to the economic, social and environmental transitions that impact your activity and your organization.

In this context we have observed a form of resilience in regional tourism thanks to local customers. Five main trends were amplified and accelerated by the health crisis: well-being and health care ; the need to reconnect with nature and the outdoors, to slow down, to recharge ; increasing consideration of social and environmental concerns ; the rediscovery of closeness ; the quality of human connection, widely acclaimed by visitors.

It is at this point that the Hauts-de-France Region stands out in particular for its human values ​​– empathy, conviviality, sincere attention, etc. natural generosity » recognized today at national level, Hauts-de-France region « naturally generous “.

But in a very competitive national context that pushes us towards excellence, tourism innovation also represents a strong issue of attractiveness for our region. However, it is clear that many professionals, territories or locations do not anticipate new trends and do not ask themselves the question of change, whether due to lack of time or knowledge of trends and solutions.

Supporting the transformation of tourism in the Region in the face of changing customer expectations, it is with this ambition that the Region is now partnering with Plaine Images to create a Hub dedicated to innovation in the tourism sector.

On this occasion, the Hauts-de-France Region, in partnership with HIT and Hauts-de-France Tourisme, launches a call for innovation for tourism in Hauts-de-France that will end on May 31, 2024.

Making innovation in all its forms (process, product, service, technology, etc.) an added value for the harmonious development of tourism in the Hauts de France, while preserving the generosity that characterizes it, is a great challenge of this new adventure that opens with Hauts -de-France Innovation Tourisme (HIT) and its partners.

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