Culture, tourism, mobility: the main areas of work in Normandy Cabourg Pays d’Auge

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During the community council on Thursday, January 18, 2024, in Dives-sur-Mer (Calvados), Olivier Paz, president of Normandie Cabourg Pays d’Auge, wanted to take stock of progress, make a quick assessment of the exercise , “we can say that the first three years were largely used to establish consistency, learn to work together, make fiscal pacts…”, he recalls.

We spent three years with our hands on the engine to find the organization that would allow us to move forward.

Oliver Paz

Since 2020, the beginning of the new mandate “has been dedicated to essential studies, work on the territorial project and the governance pact” as well as the emergence of important projects, “initiated by the Community of Communes of the Mergulhos estuary” mainly regarding respect for important coastal communities, such as the rehabilitation of the bell tower in Dives-sur-Mer and the creation of the aquatic center in Cabourg.

Priority for small communities

Today, the NCPA “reaches a period of its mandate in which it is time to fulfill the initial promise of influence throughout the territory”, estimates Olivier Paz, with emphasis on small municipalities, “that everyone feels the interest and benefit of the community of the communes.” .

I am convinced that there is no community of communes that works if it is not made up of happy communes.

Oliver Paz

It is the smaller and more modest municipalities that are worried. “It’s good that this second part of the mandate is time for the territories.”

Four areas of activity

Olivier Paz proposed four lines of action. Firstly, the provision of help and support services by the NCPA, “engineering capabilities that small municipalities do not have and have difficulty mobilizing in small projects”.

Other axes, “promoting cultural programs throughout the territory”; develop “sustainable and responsible” tourism. “We are going to work differently, moving from a community tourism office to a community attraction agency.”

Finally, mobility issues, “how do we move around our territory?” “. For smooth mobility, each mayor will be received by an agent, “to determine coherent circuits and axes”.

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And for mobility in general, a person will work on solutions to create a mobility network, such as a connection application, “the development of mobility is an absolute necessity”.

We need a shared desire to go further together.

Oliver Paz

According to the president of the NCPA, this “roadmap” is “an ambitious program, focused on municipalities with the desire for everyone to have the feeling of having a return “on their investment””.

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