The Region of Brittany supports professionals to move away from the uniformity of the tourist offer

The Region of Brittany and Tourisme Bretagne rely on the inspiration and support of professionals to offer visitors a unique experience, non-replaceable and anchored in the territory. Two inspirational books (culinary and spatial) were developed together with a panel of stakeholders from the 10 tourist destinations (1) Breton. Culinary design support will also be offered at the end of October.

Launch of culinary notebook to inspire

Gastronomy, a vector of territorial and tourist identity, is an increasingly important decisive criterion when choosing a destination. To always better promote common heritage, territorial singularities and invent the gastronomy of tomorrow, the Region supports professionals on two levels: launching a culinary inspiration book and offering them dedicated support until the end of the year.

Imagined by the collective mobilized around Ti HUB, the Region’s tourism innovation laboratory, the notebook is the result of work carried out in partnership with the 10 Breton tourist destinations to explore their riches and typicalities. For 2 months, regional teams accompanied by designers orchestrated collaborative workshops throughout the territory with stakeholders from different profiles: producers, artisans, cooks, teachers, heritage specialists, researchers, designers, creatives, business leaders, territorial promoters and tourism professionals.

Everything that makes up this living heritage was there: island practices, culinary language of the plain, relationship with the ocean, inspiring objects and materials, preservation of knowledge, promotion of local products, development of agricultural inns, unusual and preserved experiences. peasant and marine heritage.

Result: a free 300-page culinary inspiration book, intended for all professionals in the region to take ownership of this new collective story of sustainable food and cooking, anchored in its soil. They will be inspired by boards, sketches, identification of tourist experiences and art of living, bringing together worlds between decoration/table, culinary experiences…Boosting the tourist experience, territorial identity makes it possible to fight against the standardization and uniformity of the tourist offer, to offer a differentiating positioning aligned with consumer expectations.underlines Stéphane Cévoz, head of Ti-Hub.

At La Gacilly we find a cosmetic approach to dishes, flowers or foam. In Brocéliande, the wood lineages, the connection to the strata, the multilayers, the foliage, the red schist inspire the dish. In the territory of Brest Terres Océanes, there is immersion beneath the surface with exploration of hidden depths and immersion rituals. The route of the lighthouses and beacons also evokes vertical graphic elements with colorful beacons. Lucie Bolzec, culinary designer at Papillote.

Create culinary experiences across Brittany

From October 26, 2023, Tourisme Bretagne offers tailor-made support to allow professionals to integrate the territory’s identity into their dishes through culinary design. A way of transcribing landscapes, raw nuggets, materials and knowledge in the layout, decoration, equipment… right down to the plate.
The principle: a culinary designer arrives at your home for 3 days. He supports them individually in the way they imagine, cook and prepare dishes, drawing inspiration from the region’s natural resources:

  • Share current practices to twist codes and make the connection between tradition and modernity (culinary innovation)
  • Understanding the territory and its specificities
  • Creation of dishes based on these singularities
  • Telling stories through cutlery
  • Creating a sustainable and healthy offer
  • Marketing support and offering the imagined proposal (optional)
  • This support will be covered by 80% of the Region and will be offered to professionals, winners of the competition, who wish to promote an offer” House made»

Encourage creative development projects

From the scale of the hand to the scale of the building, notebooks can be seen as springboards for creativity by:

  • Design of objects and furniture, from small to large series
  • Space layout design, etc.
  • Interior design, etc.
  • Building design, microarchitecture, etc.
  • Architecture programs, etc.
  • Renovation, rehabilitation and construction

From the hulls of hijacked boats to Finistère algae leather, through the rehabilitation of bunkers or the typical wooden lines of Destination Brocéliande, the 10 notebooks offer keys of inspiration for professionals.

The result of participatory workshops with each Destination, in collaboration with local tourism professionals and led by regional teams and designers, the notebooks bring detailed ideas, illustrated with a transposition exercise for development projects, signage, equipment and accommodation.

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