In Nailloux, the Petits Cadors brand does not fall asleep on the cushions

Their names are Isidor, Salvador, Theodor, Elipse and Epicur. Available as a car, relaxation, stroller or travel cushion, but also as a headrest or decoration. Since its creation in November 2018, nomadic pillow brand Petits Cadors continues to uphold the principle of snoozing and manufacturing as locally and as quickly as possible. Its installation in 2021 in an eco-responsible building measuring 300 m2 previously occupied by the company Hargassner, a specialist in wood-burning boilers, allowed the entire manufacturing chain to be internalized. From rolls of fabric to shipping of orders, including padding, cutting and filling box-shaped cushions, everything is done on site, which allowed the Haut-Garonne brand to obtain the Origine France Garantie seal last April. .

“When your cushion leaves our workshop, it will have traveled a distance of 0 kilometers during its manufacture. Obviously less than your jeans, which travel an average of 60,000 km, or one and a half times around the Earth”, Muriel Goudol and Laurent Padiou like to compare. The founders of the Petits Cadors brand have also been keeping their plastic consumption meter updated since January 2021. To reduce waste at the source, they chose to work with German polyester filler fiber manufacturer Advansa, a partner of the Canadian solidarity network Banco of Plastic, which collects plastic from rivers and streams. “Our consumption to date is 7.5 tonnes, the equivalent of around 300 thousand bottles that could have ended up in the oceans”, highlights Laurent Padiou.

Isidor at Nature et Découvertes

After spending the first few years developing its collection around its six models of nomadic pillows, Petits Cadors perfected its production tool with, in 2023, the acquisition of a filling machine that allowed it to take on this function. and to reduce arduousness. “Today we have maturity and a powerful and effective tool to move to the commercial development phase. Our economic model is based on direct sales but we want to integrate new markets, namely decoration with the Epicur cushion, and integrate big brands. Presence in the store allows you to find the product more closely. »

The creators of Petits Cadors, already referenced by the Nature et Découvertes brand for two models, will see Isidor, their historic cushion patented for its suspension system, reach the shelves of around forty points of sale next April. In 2023, the Haut-Garonne brand is expected to reach a production volume of 18,000 cushions, or more than 1,500 per month, for a turnover of 550,000 euros. Its goal for 2024 is 25% growth.

Johanna Decorse

In the photo: Since 2021, the Petits Cadors brand, which employs eight people, has completely internalized its production chain. Credit: Petits Cadors.

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