Gourmet tourism makes professionals’ mouths water

An event organized byNew Aquitaine Food Agencyin partnership with the Regional Tourism Commission and with the support of “Southwest” Group regarding the morning conference entitled “Gastronomic tourism: a problem for New Aquitaine”.

The pleasure of the taste buds appears implicitly in the “five main reasons” for staying, which are rest, discovery, fun, shopping and sociability. “What a person from Bordeaux or Rochelle eats and drinks says perhaps more than what they could say about themselves. »

Frosted cognac

Visitors are increasingly interested in living the “tourist experience” of tasting the territories with their lips. Audrey Normandin-Mercier, from the wine estate of the same name in Dompierre-sur-Mer, testifies to this. “This year, we had around 1,500 visitors. This has increased sharply since Covid-19. People come to discover know-how, but also a human story linked to the land. » The house exports a lot. Therefore, “it is normal for us to receive tourists who are curious to get to know us”.

With some tasting ideas (in moderation) as a bonus. “Personally, I recommend eating it chilled, without adding anything! »Cognac tolerates the freezer very well.

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