Cartier and Publicis Luxe present a dreamlike vacation adventure

Reconnecting with the magical stories of winter, this is how Cartier brings joy to the end of the year! Accompanied by Publicis Luxe, the brand invites us to fly over the starry night, aboard a fabulous building, on an imaginary journey. Throughout her journey, she carries the Cartier world with her and spreads the precious aura of the Maison’s creations along her path. Towards this dreamlike campaign!

A dreamlike journey true to the spirit of Christmas!

On top of a mountain, above the clouds, in Place Vendôme in Paris, flying over a frozen lake, sliding down a snowy slope surrounded by fireflies, crossing an ocean of clouds or getting lost in the heart of a forest of fireflies. Christmas illuminated by magical lights… This magical journey transports us to moments of enchantment and pure magic!

Photo credit: Cartier / Publicis Luxe
Photo credit: Cartier / Publicis Luxe

Through this journey, Maison Cartier weaves connections between places and individuals. But it also and above all spreads a festive spirit around the world.

Entirely designed by the Publicis Luxe teams, this international campaign for iconic house features all of Maison Cartier’s iconic jewels. From the legendary Tank watch to the Love ring, to name just a few. It unfolds around 16 animated capsules and a series of dreamlike images.

The magical campaign can also be discovered in stores, on print, digital/3D displays and in shop windows!

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Photo credit: Publicis Luxe

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