“Bleisure” or how to combine vacations and business trips?

A contraction of the terms “business” and “leisure”, “bleisure” refers to combining business travel with leisure. Would you like to know more about this concept and benefit from advice on how to get started? This way.

“Bleisure”: what is it?

Bleisure is combining business trips with leisure activities during a stay in France or abroad. In short, travelers mix business with pleasure. This style of travel is becoming increasingly common. In a study carried out between June and July 2022 for the Kyriad hotel brand, the OpinionWay institute reveals that more than one in two French people has already extended their professional stay to benefit personally ; a growing number after 2 years marked by the health crisis and the drop in overnight stays in hotels for business travelers (-80% in 2020). The reasons given by the main interested parties are multiple: discovering the destination’s culinary specialties (93% of respondents), visiting tourist sites (89%) or even carrying out local activities (87%).

Bleisure: a growing sector

This type of trip participates in employee development who combine “business with pleasure” on their business trips and cost companies almost nothing. For tourism professionals (airlines, travel agents, etc.), longer bleisure stays are an advantage as they generate additional income. We quickly understand why the sector is expanding, not to mention that the trend should gain even more strength with the democratization of teleworking. According to the OpinionWay survey, 53% of respondents say they want to ask their employer to allow them to take advantage of a business trip to stay longer in the location on a teleworking basis.

Our advice for balancing well-being and business travel

Traveling for work and leisure cannot be improvised. To reconcile the two, it is important organize yourself well. To begin with, you need to pay special attention to the work environment. You absolutely must have a reliable internet connection, which will allow you to carry out your professional missions without incident. Contacting hotel establishments in advance to ensure Wi-Fi reliability and checking the quality of on-site cafes and “coworking” spaces can be very helpful.

O time zone must also be taken into account. Depending on the country, you may have several hours difference with your customers. On site, the ideal is therefore to adapt your working hours, without forgetting to notify the people who work with you (clients, employees or service providers) to avoid possible misunderstandings. To make the most of your trip, remember to pack your luggage wisely (partly for work, partly for pleasure), get enough sleep before leaving and book your possible excursions/outings several weeks in advance so as not to waste time on site. .

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