Are you afraid of using public transport? Here are our tips for getting there

by Rino Gallo

If simply traveling on public transportation gives you anxiety, take time to “ground yourself.” Here’s how to do it.

As surprising as it may seem, many people are unable to take the train, bus or metro. Public transport produces a feeling of anxiety and very intense stress in them, making the journey unbearable. The cause is noise, crowding, lack of space or even fear of being late. To travel with peace of mind, experts recommend using a very effective technique to create a positive relaxation anchor used in neurolinguistic programming.

More precisely, this anchoring allows you to engage your five senses to develop within yourself a feeling of peace, calm and lightness. To do this, close your eyes, breathe, then start by anchoring both feet on the floor and focusing on the contact of the sole of the foot, the sensation of the sock on the skin and the feeling of the foot in the shoe. Then have the reflex to take out your favorite anti-stress essential oil, such as sweet tangerine or peppermint, and absorb these soft fragrances.

Then bring your thumb and forefinger together in the chin mudra, this hand gesture widely used in many yoga poses, and then inhale and exhale deeply. If you can, release a sound at the end of your exhalation to free yourself a little more from the negative tensions that reside within you. After that, close your eyes and remember a time in your life when you felt peaceful and happy. Still with your eyes closed, let the images, sounds and sensations of this moment reach you. A walk in the woods, a picnic by the sea or any other activity.

Next, create a sankalpa, an important concept in yoga practice that refers to a personal intention or resolution one makes for oneself. The idea here is to create a small positive and personal mantra like: “My feet touch the ground, I am safe, I am well and I feel light” or “Everything will be fine, I am serene and I will soon reach my destination.” He repeats the phrase several times in his head. Take a deep breath again and take out your headphones to listen to some music that you particularly like. The goal is to associate the feeling of calm with this music.

From now on, when you smell this essential oil, when you put your thumb and index finger together, when you repeat your sankalpa or when you listen to your favorite music, you will feel the same relaxing effects linked to this moment of grounding. You can use this technique at any time, both in transport and when experiencing sensory, emotional or psychological aggression.

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