Pinterest Trends – Travel: French users looking for adventure and excitement

Despite a worrying inflationary and geopolitical context, the French are interested in traveling and spend more than before the pandemic, for those who have the opportunity to do so. Whether it’s finding inspiration for their next trip or planning a trip, they’re turning to Pinterest. And according to the latest trends identified on the platform, above all, they seek excitement, adventure or discovery of the seven wonders of the world.

Pinterest thus registered, between August and September 2023, a significant increase in searches around these travel topics:

Emotions and adventure

  • Searches for “parachute jump” increased by almost 3* (+180%)
  • Searches for “Tour du monde” increased by more than 2* (+110)
  • Searches for “hot air balloon” were multiplied by 1.5* (+50%)

Monumental and spectacular

  • Searches for “Grand Canyon” increased by 2* (+105%)
  • Searches for “Taj Mahal” increased by more than 1.5* (+65%)
  • Searches for “Pyramids of Egypt” increased by more than 1.5* (+60%)

Pinterest, a privileged space for travel

The Travel category is growing on Pinterest, with millions of users interacting with travel content on the platform every month. And they come not just to admire beautiful photos and videos, but with the intention of taking action. If they use Pinterest as an initial source of inspiration to discover their next destination, more than two-thirds (68 %)** also make the final decision in their travel purchasing journey on the platform.

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