The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

First impression: 10/10

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In front of the ICC (International Commerce Center), it looks like a skyscraper, magnificent indeed, but like so many in Hong Kong.

Located on the tip of the Kowloon Peninsula, there wasn’t much around when the Ritz Carlton opened 10 years ago. Now the development of the neighborhood, including the splendid Xiqu Opera House and miles of parks for walking, cycling or walking, have made the neighborhood particularly pleasant.

But the “real” show hasn’t started yet. To do this, you must take the high-speed elevators that take you to the reception on the 103rd floor. In a room surrounded by black marble, all the attention from the staff spread across the reception doesn’t change anything: we are immediately irresistibly drawn to the stunning view behind the large bay windows. People talk to you, but you don’t listen. Captivated by the view of the bay that stretches before your eyes. And if it’s sunny, you almost have to wake up to get the “key” to your room, which is on even higher floors.

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The rooms: 9.5/10

When James Bond is on a mission, this is probably where he stays. It could be a showroom of the quintessence of a modern bedroom: control panel (simple and clear. Not always the case in other places…) to control lights, curtains, temperature, TV, etc. Bed linen as thick as a cotton crop, a practical and well-equipped office, warm tones and a dominant wood, a rug where you can sleep… And a bathroom area where the volumes allow you to feel as if was in another room. Plus, each of the 312 rooms has padded window sills where you can irresistibly perch and owl at the scenes below our 111th floor: shrunken Lego skyscrapers, bathtub toy-sized supertankers, Victoria Harbor that looks like a simple lazy river and Hong Kong Island, so small you feel like you could wrap your arms around it.

Gastronomy: 9/10

The hotel has 3 restaurants, including Tin Lung Heen, with 2 Michelin stars, where they serve breathtaking Cantonese cuisine, even if Westerners don’t understand all the subtleties of the menu. Which is not true for the Dim Sum, the specialty, and which are divine. More family-friendly territory in Tosca di Angelo. This Italian destination of choice for international taste buds offers a long-awaited Mediterranean route that knows how to delight. For lunch, you can also opt for the Lounge and Bar, which offers a vast buffet but also a menu) where you choose the ingredients, before a chef prepares your mixed salad, much better than if you made it yourself.

The experience to have: a meal at Anne-Sophie Pic

That’s it the only woman with three Michelin stars and she has just opened her first restaurant in Asia. The Crystal Room is located in “Forty Five”, one of the three towers of the LANDMARK shopping complex, in the heart of Hong Kong.

Few tables (only 40 seats), decoration in shades of light blue and aquamarine green, between sea and sky, evoking both the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean.

In the kitchen, executive chef Julien Perraud, and for us, an unforgettable experience. On a bed of crunchy bamboo shoots, the wok-fried crayfish reveal all their umami flavor. Peking duck with black cherry and candied ginger too.

There are signature dishes like Berlingots stuffed with Comté or blue lobster from Brittany, cooked over hot coals and topped with white butter infused with Douglas fir and rosemary.

The journey doesn’t stop at the plate. We venture into the unknown and the surprising also in glasses. Paz Levinson, the executive sommelier, offers surprising pairings through creative drinks, alcoholic or not, creating unique aromatic dialogues, elevating the culinary experience to new levels of sublimity.

6-course menu with food and wine: 280 euros

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The Instagram spot: There are so many… But if we had to choose just one, we’d opt for the Ozone bar. At the top of the building, therefore on a rooftop, with the best possible view. They serve strange cocktails and some tapas, diverse and varied.

What we would like to take: Probably the soft robe with the “Ritz Carlton Hong Kong” emblems. When you come home, groggy and gloomy from waking up on a dreary winter morning, it should lift your spirits.

What we regret: ifThe pool was infinite and outdoor, with this view the dream would be complete.

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