the complete adventures in one luxurious box

For those who dream of colorful adventures, Le Figaro offers a deluxe edition of the 24 short stories that narrate the intrepid reporter’s wanderings with the dust powder created by Hergé in 1929.

Is it still useful to present the powder sponge as a gift to the famous reporter? Born in January 1929 in The little twentieth of Hergé’s imagination, Tintin continues to delight comic book readers. His exciting investigations, his discovery of various countries, his unshakable friendships formed with colorful characters, his ability to get out of the most dangerous situations, his intrepidity… are all ingredients that made Tintin the eternal character of the ninth art. Their journeys haven’t aged one bit.

Tintin is a character who does not age. It evolves into a timeless work that ended up becoming universal, thanks to the genius of Hergé», he declared to Figaro Hergé’s biographer, Benoit Peeters, on the occasion of 90th birthday of our hero. For those who want to delve into the adventurous world of Tintin on shiny paper, Le Figaro offers a deluxe edition of his 24 adventures collected in eight hardcover albums in a magnificent box set.

Presented chronologically, these 24 stories immerse the reader in a world where adventure and freedom are elevated to majesty. A world where you can leave without anything stopping you from exploring the mysteries of fascinating distant lands, all the way to the Moon. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets , the first story with an unfinished narrative Tintin and alpha artThe reporter’s wanderings, imbued with dreams, humor and fantasy, will take you to Congo, America, China, the Arctic seas, the Middle East, Peru, Egypt, India…

The reader will be able to discover or rediscover the truculent swear words of Captain Haddock, the genius and fantasy of Professor Tryphon Tournesol, the legendary clumsiness of the Dupondts and their delicious expressions, the gallery of “rogues” Rastapopoulos, Doctor Müller or Mitsuhirato, for name just a few.

Reading or rereading all his adventures allows for total immersion in the dizzying world of Tintin. Immerse yourself fully in the progression of the saga, understand the evolution of relationships between the characters, capture the recurrence of certain themes such as the dreamlike. To delight in beautiful hours of reading rich in suspense and emotion.

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