Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia: their relationship in danger? This solo journey that questions

After Jessica Thivenin who went to Cambodia with her family, without Thibault and her children, it’s her husband’s turn to enjoy a vacation alone. Enough to question the couple’s fans about possible tensions between them.

Since many years, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia form a couple with many followers on social media. The two influencers share everything with their many subscribers. Thus, the latter were able to follow their evolution from meeting on a reality show to marriage and the birth of their child. your two children. Transparent, lovers do not hesitate to tell their stories when they go through crises.Lately, the couple questions as they seem to be spending less and less time together. In fact, Jessica recently went to Cambodia with her family, without Thibault and the kids. NOW, It’s Thibault Garcia’s turn to enjoy a vacation alone.

Immediately, many fans of the couple They were worried that there was tension between them. But Jessica Thivenin wanted to be reassuring when talking about her husband’s vacation in Mauritius. “Yesterday dad was at a nightclub, today he will wake up late, he will be tired. He is still in Mauritius, will return the day after tomorrow. I long for him to come home anyway“, she declared on her social networks on December 2, 2023.

For Jessica Thivenin, it’s important that she and her husband have time for themselves

It’s good to give each other some air and do things on our own, it’s super important for some of you I swear“, she declared again to put an end to the rumors. If she went alone to Cambodia with her family, it was because she needed to”away from family life because it is intense“.”It’s a lot of pressure, you don’t necessarily think about yourself (…) and sometimes it’s important to do what you want and enjoy it alone so I’m very happy for my husband“, she concluded on the subject.

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