Individual travel: Opodo reveals the evolution of the trend in 2023 vs 2019

Traveling alone is an increasingly popular experience among travelers. Whether for adventure, personal exploration or simply to enjoy complete freedom, traveling alone offers unique opportunities to discover the world at your own pace. Opodo, one of Europe’s leading online travel agencies, compared the evolution of this travel trend through a first survey (1) pre-covid in 2019 bringing together more than 1,000 respondents in France and a second identical post-covid in 2023.

  • By 2023, 36% of French people will travel alone to have the freedom to live the experience at their own pace ;
  • 47% of French people could go on vacation alone “ relaxation », on the beach vs 25% in 2019 ;
  • According to 35% of French people, 25-34 is the perfect age group to travel alone ;
  • Safety and comfort are the main criteria taken into account by French solo travelers (29%) ;
  • Today, 38% of French people aged 18 to 24 prioritize planning during an individual trip, compared to 41% for safety in 2019.

Motivations for traveling alone in the post-covid world

The French maintain the same main motivation for traveling alone in 2023 as in 2019: to travel at their own pace (36% in 2023 vs 37% in 2019). However, the secondary motivations of travelers in 2023 are different from those mentioned in 2019:

Age also plays a significant role in individual travel decisions in 2023. Currently, 27% of French people aged between 18 and 24 embark on individual trips to live new experiences (vs. 47% in 2019), while 45 % of French people aged between 25 and 24. 34 choose to travel alone to have the freedom to do what they want (vs. 37% in 2019). Finally, 34% of French people aged 65 and over travel alone because their loved ones are not available.

According to 35% of French people, 25-34 years old is the perfect age group to travel alone compared to 41% in 2019. 67% of 25-34 year olds themselves think it is the best time to travel alone compared to 70% in 2019. This Individual travel trend remains constant among young people even after the pandemic !

Solo travel: vacation trends

Holiday trends have changed a lot since 2019. In 2023, the French prefer relaxing and individual beach holidays (47%), while in 2019 this choice was in 4.It is position (25%), far behind typical cultural holidays (45%), followed by humanitarian holidays (36%) and sports/adventure holidays (33%).

In 2023, young people aged 18 to 24 prefer solo sports holidays (43%), while young people aged 25 to 34 prefer solo holidays. relaxation », on the beach (56%). This gap in trends is also present on the gender side, as 45% of French men are in favor of individual sports holidays (vs. 40% in 2019) compared to just 18% of women surveyed (vs. 27% in 2019).

French people’s priorities when traveling alone

Safety and comfort are the main criteria taken into account by French solo travelers. Nearly 29% of travelers prioritize safety (vs. 37% in 2019) by providing a money belt, first aid kit and emergency contacts ; 29% comfort (vs. 25% in 2019) with clothing and footwear suitable for all situations, snacks and travel pillow. Finally, 26% consider planning essential and provide GPS and/or maps, book their tickets in advance and use mobile applications to organize their activities. This value is the same as in 2019.

However, priorities have changed among young people aged 18 to 24: in 2019, 41% thought that safety was essential when traveling alone, while today, 38% prefer to plan their trip alone in advance.

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