How to travel to the Maldives cheaply?

There are more than a thousand islands grouped into atolls. Fortunately, there are many options for vacation in the Maldives at a low price.

In addition to not breaking the bank, this way of exploring Maldives will allow you to interact more with local people and have a more authentic experience of Maldivian culture.

To make a successful trip Maldives on a budget, you should look for those that are easily accessible by public ferries and speedboats from Malé, thus avoiding expensive seaplanes. There are three types of islands in the Maldives:

  • Private Islands
  • Inhabited islands
  • uninhabited islands

Obviously, for travel at low prices, you’ll need to avoid private islands that are often too far away from local life. Although you feel like you are in paradise on your own little island, you are confined to the island’s restaurants and tour operators.

Most of the inhabited islands in the archipelago are home to local life centered on Muslim culture. As a result, you will only have a limited choice of “bikini beaches”; although the water is as pure as anywhere else, you may need to shower fully clothed. Most hostels will be able to help you get to the island.

You will also need to avoid consuming alcohol while on the local islands.

As there are more than a thousand islands, it is impossible to detail them all. Here are the strengths of a cheap trip to the Maldives.

Maafushi is the main island that comes to mind when we think of Maldives at a low price. The island is just 27 kilometers of Male, it is therefore very easily accessible. There is a prison on the island, but you won’t notice it because tourism is concentrated on the other side.

Many tour operators are based on the island and offer a variety of excursions such as bird watching whale sharks and the dive. There will also be no shortage of hotels or guesthouses, as almost everyone in Maafushi works in the tourism sector.

O bikini beach is a little small and maybe very busy even in low season. Therefore, I will not recommend you to come to Maafushi if your intention is to lie on the white sand all day. Furthermore, the reef is not in good condition due to mass tourism.

What is interesting about Maafushi are the nearby diving sites as they are full of marine life and beautiful coral gardens. You will need to check with your hostel or a tour operator as you need book a group tour.

Furthermore, many water sports are available in Maafushi such as water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, etc. as well as a huge play area for children.

Maafushi is an ideal starting point for exploring the Maldives at low prices.

Fulidhoo is known for its authenticity, its beauty, its charm and its local atmosphere. The island is easily incorporated into an itinerary with Maafushi by public ferry and public speedboats.

The prices of dive and snorkeling are lower, making it a great option for a trip to the Maldives Budget.

The fauna here is diverse and surprising: hammerhead sharks, Manta rays, dolphins and whale sharks! Visibility is quite good all year round. So you really can’t go wrong with Fulidhoo if you want to explore the deep sea.

The beach is beautiful and the turquoise water is spectacular; There is a place where lightning is close to the shore!

Rasdhoo It’s a very nice island for a trip Maldives Budget, because it has something to please most travelers. It is located approximately 60 kilometers west of Malé.

You’ll find affordable hostels, restaurants and shops, as well as dive shops to keep you busy.

The vibe in Rasdhoo is definitely island-like, so some slowness is to be expected.

As for the bikini beach, there is a small one (about 100 meters long) with a nice house reef a little offshore that is perfect for snorkeling. However, be careful with low tide and the corals; You should use special water shoes to avoid injury if you walk.

The reef is livelier on the outside, but it is necessary pay attention to the chains which are constantly changing, making it easy to swim one day and impossible another day.

Rasdhoo is famous for its black and white tip sharks as well as regular corals (parrotfish, barracudas, batfish, etc.). If you want to get a good overview of marine life in Maldives Budgetis a good choice.

Nearby there are also some uninhabited islands and sandbars that are beautiful for a day trip, whether for a stroll through paradise or for diving or snorkeling.

This is also easy to integrate into a trip to the Maldives Budgetbecause a public ferry connects it to Rasdhoo. However, you will have to organize yourself properly because does not work every day of the week.

There beach bikiniThe kilometer-long beach is beautiful in Ukulhas, so this is where you need to go if you want to sunbathe. In fact, there are plenty of trees for shade, loungers and umbrellas perfect for a day at the beach.

For families, especially those with young children, Ukulhas It’s perfect because the hotels and inns aren’t too far from the beach.

The reef is also ideal for snorkeling, with many animals such as stingrays, mantas, turtles and huge schools of fish, although the corals may be dead or in poor condition.

Unlike other islands, it is quite easy to organize a private candlelight dinner on the beach, in the dunes. Your hotel can help you with this process and the cost is approximately 170 $CAD for two people.

Thoddoo It is also a good option for a trip to Maldives at a low price.

Agriculture is important in Thoddoo, so you can expect to find lots of fresh fruit. In fact, producers often export their sweet watermelons and juicy papayas to other islands!

There are two beautiful and clean beaches in Thoddoo and you can reach them by cycling through the farms! It’s actually a very pleasant way to explore the island; you can usually rent them at your accommodation.

There is a small reef near bikini beach, but the current can be quite strong, so don’t swim alone.

There is one manta ray station near Thoddoo which is a good place to see them as they generally prefer deeper water and stronger currents.

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