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The rooftop of Pier 17 is transformed into a truly magical holiday landscape, inspired by Disney’s “Santa Clauses”. Enter the rooftop ice rink overlooking Manhattan AND Brooklynand comforting hot drinks, it’s the perfect place to experience the magic of Christmas in New York.

Activities and Treats for the Perfect Winter Outing

Lovers of sensations and good deals in New York, rejoice! Slip on the ice rink (on synthetic ice, a first for Manhattan!), then warm up with a tempting choice of cocktails, mocktails and treats at The Gingerbread House bar. For a touch of intimacy, consider private booths with an even more indulgent menu.

Christmas hot chocolate in New York on Pier 17 Rooftop

© Courtesy of “The Santa Clauses” Winter Wonderland

A magical journey into the world of Santa Claus

The adventure begins at the entrance, where you will be transported to a setting worthy of the North Pole. Continue from Santa’s room to Santa’s workshop, stopping to take a photo under the huge Christmas tree. This is the perfect opportunity to fill your album with memories!

Christmas magic in New York on the Rooftop of Pier 17 pere noel

A meeting with Santa Claus himself

And who knows, you might even meet Santa Claus! Present on certain days in December, it is the perfect opportunity for adults and children to experience a magical moment.

Everything you need to know for your visit

Find this entire winter wonderland at 89 South Street in Financial district through January 7, 2024. Tickets start at $25/person. Don’t miss Community Day on November 28th for free admission. Remember to dress warmly, the adventure is outdoors! For more information visit the official website of Pier 17.

Magic of Christmas in New York on Pier 17 Rooftop

© Courtesy of “The Santa Clauses” Winter Wonderland

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