Taking a train without a ticket is now possible in this region

A new service, called JustGo, is implemented in Nouvelle-Aquitaine to make users’ lives easier. Nicolas ROCHETTE – stock.adobe.com

SNCF Connect offers a new prepaid service, “JustGo”, which allows you to board TER trains without having to buy your ticket first.

Simplify the lives of travelers and increase the use of regional trains. It is with this dual objective that the SNCF launched a new payment service called “Just go”. With this feature, it is now possible to board a TER without having paid for the ticket first. To access this type of service, simply access the SNCF Connect application and then the “Tickets” or “Regional Offers” tabs. You must have a customer account on SNCF Connect, enter your phone number, register your bank card and activate geolocation access.

With “JustGo”, SNCF bets on the price of use. “After boarding a regional train, you register on the app and are geolocated using your smartphone. Then, when you get off the train, you declare yourself, you are geolocated again and we can calculate your route. At the end of the month, you will be charged for all your trips.”explained Anne Pruvot, general director of SNCF Connect & Tech, to BFM Business. “We pay exactly for what we consume.”

A limited monthly price

And to prevent the bill from rising at the end of the month, a spending limit was established. If the accumulated value of trips exceeds the monthly subscription price offered by the region, JustGo will apply the subscription fee, and not the increase in travel prices. And for those who are afraid of paying the high price of each trip, SNCF tries to reassure them. “Each trip will be calculated according to the regional tariff range, a range widely communicated to citizens. On the contrary, the offer guarantees that the maximum price paid will be that of the monthly subscription, a widely known price. On the contrary, it creates predictability in your transport budget.said Anne Pruvot.

At the moment, this service is only available to TERs in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the result of an experiment launched in 2021 in the region. But SNCF assures us in a statement released this Thursday: the solution “is ready to be implemented in all regions and cities responsible for organizing public transport”. Meanwhile, several regions have created advantageous offers for TER users. In Occitania, the “+=Flex” solution, reserved for travelers aged between 27 and 59, works on an almost similar principle. There is no need for a subscription or advance reservation. The only watchword: the more you use the train, the lower the prices (up to 90% reduction). Just download the “Fairtiq” app and create an account. The amount is limited to 90 euros monthly. Enough to avoid astronomical bills for most railroad enthusiasts.

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